Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yummy Contest Alert!

Well I am pleased to say, I am finally feeling a tad bit better. Wow, that cold/flu thing can really take you for a spin..and it's not a fun one by any means. After 2 trips to the student health center, a new shot at a Neti-Pot(those things make you feel like your drowning!), and some fresh air, I hope I am only uphill from here! But the upside to being sick was I got to do some serious catch up on all my blog readings. I was pleased with all the goodies I found as usual. Oh, and heads up for Thursday; I will be revealing what I ended up deciding on to present for my demonstrative speech! Actually you'll see the whole process because I will be making them for my class Thursday afternoon. I'm hoping it will be a good time! Anyway, the title of this post has got you thinking I'm sure, and it actually doesn't pertain to a contest of mine, but yet another couple bloggies(Lee&Nick) who are hosting what has to be the coolest recipe contest, and not to mention a yummy prize. It's the 5th Great Peanut Butter Exibition! This years theme; a stunning PB(or almond butter)sandwich creation. It definitely has me thinking today!! And the prize? A PB& Co cookbook to further fuel your love for all things peanuty! So get your head outta the PB jar, and get creatin'!

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