Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fabulous Food Pairs

So..occasionally a magazine article will really spark an interest,then of course I want to share it with everyone! So this week's article is coming from the Prevention magazine.(One of my favs because the small size is great for sticking in your purse to read whenever you get the chance!) Anyway, this article focuses on the benefits of certain foods and how when they are paired with other specific foods, they become super foods! Pretty neat, huh? Read on...
[[Pasta(any kind)+Parsley=Stronger Bones]]This combo delivers a full day's worth of Vit.K
[[Whole grain cereal+Sunflower Seeds=Better Immunity]]Provides more than 100% of Vit.E
[[Scrambled Eggs+Red Pepper=Smoother Skin]]Provides more than 100% of RDA of Vit.C
[[Smoothie(any kind)+Wheat Germ=Faster healing of cuts/bruises]]Provides over 1/2 the requirement for zinc, which aids in repairing cells.
[[Sandwich(any kind)+spinach leaves=Decreased risk of night blindness]]20% of your Vit.A
[[Garden Salad+Canned Wild Salmon=Healthier Brain&Heart]]1/2 the RDA of omega-3's
[[Burger+Ketchup=Decreased Cancer Risk]]Ketchup supplies lycopene(antioxidant that protects the heart)
[[Soup(any kind)+Pinto Beans=Lower Cholesterol]]Beans lower both total cholesterol and LDL
[[Stir-Fry(any kind)+Kale=Stronger Eyes]]Kale delivers 12 mg of lutein&zeaxanthin that help combat cataracts & macular degeneration.
[[Salsa+Chickpeas=Lower Body Weight]]Boosts intake of protein and helps you feel fuller faster.
[[Green Tea+Lemon=Lower Cancer Risk]]Adding citrus to tea increases disease-fighting catechins four-fold.
[[Water+Unsweetened Cranberry Juice=Fewer Cavities]]Prevents buildup of the bacteria most responsible for causing cavities.
I thought these were interesting, and some of these pairs were a surprise! It seems as though I eat a lot of these foods, just not together---looks like I'll need to start making some new recipes that incorporate these.
What about you? Are some of these already a staple in your diet? Lemme know!!

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