Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clipping for a Cause

I don't know about you, but I am always clipping coupons for things I don't even buy, just in case I ever find a need too. Needless to say, I have a cute cupcake coupon holder that is always plump full. When I go through it at the end of each month, I always end up throwing out a bunch of expired coupons, and think it's such a shame and that someone could have used it! So I was more than delighted when I came upon an article about a woman named Kay MacVey. She is 82 years old and has found a significant use for all her unused coupons. She adopted a coupon collection program for military families stationed overseas. In 2007, she and 30 volunteers helped to clip more than $349,000 worth of coupons from newspapers! I think that's super, and even better? You can help!

How to help clip:
Coupon clipping is one way to help military families overseas in a concrete way. But before you reach for the scissors, here are a few guidelines.
• Coupons must be manufacturer coupons. Manufacturers will honor coupons from any newspaper or circular. Store coupons are usually good only for the store featured.
• Coupons are good for up to six months after their expiration date. But mailing the coupons can take weeks, so don’t send coupons that are three months past their expiration.
Once your done, send them to Kay at:
Kay MacVey
3419 Polaris Drive
Ames, Iowa 50010

Now go get clipping!!! =)

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