Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Vday & The Winner Is...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! What a lovely day for love(and chocolate). Hopefully you all got something splendid from your Valentine--I know I did! I had the best Valentine's this year. None other than my mom and dad! They surprised me with flowers! And the cool thing is I was just thinking my dorm needs some new greenery. But pink,red,and white?! All together=beautiful. A beautiful gift from two of the most beautiful people I know. I hope all of you get a joyous surprise today also! Now onto the winner of my very first blog contest. After sifting through all the entries of drool-worthy ice cream dishes, it was so hard to choose. But it came down to the one that I really want to try. And so the winner is... ... ... ...(scroll dowwwwn)

Heather over at Heather Eats Almond Butter! She says this about her favorite ice cream treat: "Here is a picture of my favorite frozen yogurt from Yogurt Oasis here in Nashville. I love anything soft serve and this was a mix of butterscotch and eggnog frozen yogurt with graham cracker topping. So creamy and delicious!"
Here's what I say: Looks great! I have yet to try eggnog flavored fro-yo! Every holiday season when it comes out I say I am going to, but then I just never do. Yours looks ever so tempting, so I am definitely going to try it ASAP. Mixed with butterscotch makes it sounds even more devine! And finally to top it off w/graham crackers would have been my choice also! Yummy!
So Heather--thanks for entering and sharing your yummy bowl of heaven! And thanks to everyone else for taking the time to enter.

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