Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[[Healthy]] Brownie Bowl!

There's nothing better than sitting in class & blogging! Lets just say it makes the time go by way faster! The class which is Tech.Foundation is actually fun because it involves design work on and off the computer. But no matter how fun the class, 2 hours can make me antsy. Anyhooo..today I opened my fridge and noticed I still had a VitaBrownie stuffed in my freezer[[Definitely need to get home to stock up]] A brownie seemed like something I could use to concoct another yummy bowl to share w/everyone! So then the birth of my new "Brownie Bowl" took place. My inspiration was the Brownie Batter Blizzard at DQ that looks ever-so-tempting, but oh-so-unhealthy. So I based it with one container of vanilla Dannon Light&Fit yogurt like the last bowl instead on vanilla ice cream in the DQ creation. I then added 1/4 C pumpkin(I always do just for the vitamins, but you could sub some PB for all ya PB lovers out there, or just add more vanilla yogurt) Then I poured in about 2 TBS(?) of Walden Farms Maple Syrup to add some more volume. Next came the VitaBrownie all crumbled up to equal pure goodness, and last but not least, I knew I had to add in some Annie's Cinnamon Bunny Grahams(a handful) for more crunch factor. All together now-->Ok, so it's a little(or a lot)different than the DQ Blizzard, but it's totally on the same track and would be good for a snack,dessert,light lunch or whatever your fancy is. I think trying to recreate restaurant favs that are unhealthy to healthy dishes that you can tweak to your liking is soo fun.

What are your fav restaurant re-creations?!

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