Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Few Websites for the Weekend

It's finally the weekend! I was excited, until I got sick and ended up spending yesterday afternoon at the student health center. Turns out it's just an ear "inflamation" not infection, whatever the difference is, I do not know, but it hurts anyway! But of course I can't just sit around--there is cleaning, laundry and the whole works to be done. That's okay though, hopefully the fresh air will do me good.
Anyway, last night I spent the night cuddled up to my computer and thought I'd share some of the websites I always visit =) So enjoy; and hopefully your weekend is better than mine!
Foodies Unite Here!
Warning:This Site May Make You Drool!
Strictly for the Bakers Out There!
Healthy, but a Goodie
Who comes up with this crazy kitchen stuff?

Laundry should be fun!--Not

How about cleaning the dorm?

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