Friday, February 27, 2009

Cooking Demo=Success

Hey everyone! Finally Friday =) Did this week seem to drag on or what?? Yesterday was my highly anticipated cooking demo I did for my public speaking class as a demonstrative speech. A little recap if you missed the last post on it: I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to make. I finally decided on showing 2 desserts(one more fall/winter themed and one good for spring/summer) My theme was how to make 2 party appetizers for under $15 using 1 base product, which was the wonderful and ever-so versatile Mini Phyllo Cups! So I whipped these up in my dorm before class and it left my dorm smelling like pumpkin pie and blueberries--yum! I used my handy new cake carrier I bought from Wal-Mart to haul them across campus to class, and then I was the 4th person to present! I was worried about making the 5-7 minute time slot..mostly worried I wouldn't make it to even five minutes, but I was pleased to find out that I clocked in at 6:57, and I could have even kept talking more. Yes I am a chatterbox, but it does come in handy for instances like this. Overall, I had a blast! I could totally see myself doing that for a living. I got a ton of recipe requests, and there was no trace but crumbs in my pan left! I was really glad I could spark a little creativity in my classmates and also show them that gourmet snacks can be simple to make and all you need is a little pocket change and your imagination!!
p.s. I got an A! 8-)

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