Monday, February 16, 2009

I Would Like S'more of These Please!

Even though the weather here is not exactly outside, bonfires, etc. like in the summer, there's no need to bypass a chance to make a summertime favorite; I am showing you how to bring s'mores indoors! =) It was quite simple actually, although it does require a bit more work then sticking a marshmallow on a stick and plopping it between to grahams. I actually created this recipe by using bits and pieces of other recipes to equal these fun(and good!)cupcakes.

Step 1- Bake your everyday boxed cupcake. I used Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake.(This has the most chocolate oomph to it I think).
Step 2- While you let cupcakes cool (an hour at least), you can make the marshmallow frosting by using 2 (7oz) tubs of Marshmallow Fluff mixed with 3 TBSP of sour cream and 1 TSP vanilla. I put the jars of fluff in the microwave with the tops off for about 30 sec. to make it easier to work with, then just mix it all up, pour it in a zip-loc, snip the corner, and off you go!
Step 3- Crush about 2 sheets of graham crackers in the food processor. Use a spoon to sprinkle the tops of cupcakes.
Step 4-Use 1/2 a square of Hershey's chocolate candy bars and plop one on the side!
Oh, by the way..Happy President's Day!

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