Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Little Sunday Shopping Review

This weekend our area was blessed with warm weather! Now let me remind you that warm weather is 30 degrees. =) Yes I know that is hilarious to some people, but we Minnesotan's take it to heart. People were actually out in shorts around campus--I kid you not! So basically I had spring fever, but then back to reality; it's only the beginning of February, which means about 3 more months of brutal cold/snow/and all around icky weather. But to boost my spirits(and enjoy the day!) I went and hopped around the grocery stores and Wal-Mart and figured I'd stock up on some of my beloved grocery staples since it wasn't too cold to haul multiple bags in from the parking lot(which is usually is). I spent the afternoon browsing and actually picked up some good deals over at Wal-Mart! I also got some stuff to get some baking done this week also, even though it's not pictured because it's a surprise! Yay! Meanwhile, I am gearing up for the Blogger's Valentine Exchange, hosted by the wonderful Lee over at For the Love of Peanut Butter I just love getting goodies ready for someone I don't know and making their day! Keep watching for the update on that. Anyway..what did I get on my grocery excursion? Check it out below-->

[[Left to Right]] *Libby's Canned Pumpkin--Love it! Full on vitamins and so versatile, either with baking or by the spoonful! *Dannon Light&Fit Vanilla Yogurt--I'm thinking the yogurt might have to go on a little date with the pumpkin; yummy? *Banana Peppers--I absolutely love these; they are ALWAYS in my fridge ready to be plopped on a salad. * Egg beaters--I eat these mixed with one egg in a veggie omelet for breakfast. *Necco Sweethearts--I couldn't pass these little tasty gems up; plus they are only seasonal. =( *Joseph's Pita Bread--I am so addicted to these, I have been eating them for about a year now. I use them as pizza crust, sandwich pockets and have even made some mean cinnamon and sugar chips. *Orville Kettle Korn--Popcorn is a never failing snack! *Boca Bruschetta Burgers--I love the original flavor, but these win for taste. *Chiquita Apple Slices--I like these preportioned bags to bring to class with me. Much easier to each than chomping a giant apple. *And last but not least, a Lean Cuisine Roasted Veggie Pizza that will be in my belly by the end of the day!

Do you guys like any of these products!? If you haven't tried em', you should!

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