Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ohma's Cookie Review

I love to do product reviews, and was even more excited to do this one on cookies! I love to bake cookies myself, but it's always a pleasure to try out everyone else's as well. When Tiffany from Ohma's Cookies offered to send over one of her cookies for me to sample, how could I argue?! A little about Ohma's: "It's a private bakery dedicated to bringing you old-fashioned, handmade cookies. They're known for their gourmet German cookies, and offer cookies ranging from Pecan, Cinnamon Zips, Lemon Stars, Orange Doodles, Mint Sniketts, Sugar Cookies, Roasted Butter Cookies(the one I recieved!), along with a variety of holiday specialty cookies." I think it is a great! You can also visit Tiffany's blog she runs and who knows, you may be able to bake up some cookies as scrumptious as Ohma's yourself!
On to the review..
I got 2 Roasted Butter Cookies in the mail and the first thing I noticed upon opening the box was the short ingredient list. Flour, sugar, butter and vanilla. What a surprise when I took a bite to find that despite the small ingredients list, they were quite a treat! These cookies would be for people who like a crisp, melt-in-your-mouth cookie. I have tasted my share of butter cookies, but this one was distinctively different. Very presentable looking, and definitely a treat to go good with a cold glass of milk! So if you're on the hunt for a unique cookie with a homemade touch, head on over to Ohma's Cookies. They also offer gifts and they're prices are just as tasty as the cookies! =)

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