Thursday, February 12, 2009

So What Does a Foodie Blogger Eat You Ask?

So what does a college student who's stuck in a dorm with only a fridge/microwave and a foodie blogger equal? Me of course! I really see now how much I took my own kitchen at home for granted. Yes, we have a "floor" kitchen that I use--sparingly. I have been able to adjust to whipping up some of my favorite stand-by meals. I promise I am making myself use that kitchen this weekend though! I got a brand spankin' new cupcake carrier over at Wal-Mart for only five bucks!!! It's a cupcake pan w/a lime green lid that snaps on with handles for easy transport. It rocks and you should totally get on over to Wally World if you're in the market for one of these beauties =) So some cupcake concoctions are in the plans people! By the way, the ice cream contest ends tomorrow! So submit now or you can't win, which would be sad, right? Here's my good, go-to meals. Nothing too special, but healthy & delish to say the least.

Cheerios,Banana in Vanilla Soymilk. It's a classic.
Eggbeaters/Egg/Veggie Scramble; I smother it in ketchup. Yes I love ketchup on my ketchup.

Kashi Waffles+Apples+Walden Syrup=Warm,Yummy Goodness

Light Italian Bun topped w/Bruschetta Boca Burger+Mustard/Chopped Onions
Rainbow Salada[[Spinach,Lettuce,Romain,Tomatoes,Pickles,Banana Peppers,Ital.Dressing]]
**Not Pictured**Homemade Sweet Potatoes Fries

And of course the daily snacks [[kettlecorn]][[Annie Bunny Graham's]][[Kiwi]]


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