Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Favorite Restaurant Meals

Happy hump day! Halfway through the week already is definitely not a bad thing! I am soo looking forward to my spring break starting March 6th all the way till the 16th! I need it more than I needed Christmas break, just because this semester is much harder. So to kick off spring break my mom, grandma, and I are headed to the Twin Cities to do some major retail therapy/girl time! We hit all the major thrift stores and always come back with tons of goodies--not only that, but memories to last a lifetime! So as I was planning out our 3 day agenda[I'm always the map girl, schedule girl, etc.], I was thinking of prospective places to eat; yes I think ahead because eating out with family or friends is so much better when your at a place with good food, amen? :-) That thought of course then led me to this post on my favorite restaurants and what I order! Feel free to let me know your rants, ravs, and favs also!

I just looove Applebee's Chicken Tortilla Melt. I order it minus the ranch sauce, but with extra, extra salsa! What can I say--I am a condiment girl at heart.

Well, little story here--KFC was actually my first job when I turned 15. The only reason I picked that was because it was the only place that allowed 15 year olds to work. So I spend one grueling summer in the midst of crispy or original chicken, spooning out mash potatoes, and reeking like fried food. Not exactly a pretty picture. Needless to say, I would not enter a KFC for 2 years after due to painful memories HAHA! Now I do occasionally have a nice dinner there--it's a place my mom, dad, and I all can agree on. I get a Tendergrill chicken breast minus the bun. I learned this trick from working behind the scenes! Plus some mash taters and green beens!

Had to add Subway on here just because it's my usual "go to" fast food place of choice. Not only are they healthy, but I have yet to find a sub that beats their's. I order a 6-inch turkey on wheat topped with mustard with a veggie salad on that side. =)

I really like Denny's as a sit down restaurant. It's not that it's soo unique or different, but I am always pleased with my fav meal from there. Grilled chicken breast w/steamed veggies and a side salad..or sometimes their delish chicken noodle soup! Almost better than homemade.
When I am feeling in the mood for buffett style, I head here. I really enjoy their pizza, grilled fish, baked potatoes, giant salad bar, great from-scratch soups, and I always LOAD up my plate with the peel&eat shrimp. 8-)

The next 3 are ones that I have only been to a handful of times when traveling to different states, you should definitely try them out if you haven't already.
Au Bon Pain is not just a pastry place, they have added tons of things to their menus and it seems when I check, there's always something new! I just like the atmosphere of a little corner cafe, and this fits the bill!

Sweet Tomatoes, my love for you keeps growing even though I only get to go when I am in Florida! Another buffett style place, they are known for their soup, salads, and bakery buffett. But it doesn't stop there--they have delish desserts, soups, and sandwiches all for a fixed price! Yes!

And last but not least, Crabby Bill's. Again this is a southern chain located in the Clearwater/St.Pete Beach area in Florida. I have been to 3 of them and even have a sweatshirt that says, "Don't Worry Be Crabby!" Ha ha. Most of the restaurants are decked out in total marine decor which makes it even more of an enjoyable experience. What I order: Fried clam strips with marinara! Yummmy


bubba85 said...

How awesome to be able to read reviews that are true.Keep up the great reviews. Bon Appetite!

Maddy said...

wtf? Crabby Bills is RIGHT by my house. Like walking distance. Thats crazy that its on your list =)