Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whole Foods Treats Revealed

The picture above highlights the appearance of snow. Again. It seems every March we are on the road to spring and then we get blasted with some kind of ridiculous amount of snow. This picture was just the beginning, but we ended up with about 8 inches. Besides that, the windchill was reported at -30. Even the national Weather Channel paid a visit an hour north of my town. Crazy! On a good note, I am revealing what was rolled inside my lunch dessert yesterday! Check out the pic below--Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams! As soon as I saw it on the shelf at Whole Foods, I immediately knew I was not leaving without it. I have seen it floating around the blog world for awhile now, and have read nothing but great reviews. So I will add my review also--Upon opening it, I noticed it smelled like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and to my delight, it tasted like one too! The perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter. My cat Peach even seemed enticed by the wonderful jar! Isn't he the cutest?! I also picked up a couple various packets of Justin's Nut Butter & a pack of his almond butter as well. But I already packed them up to come back to college with me, so sorry, no picture! But there is a picture below of the rest of the goodies I picked up.
More Imagine soup! I swear this stuff is like homemade soup, and with a little bit of your own seasonings in it, it's beyond good! I got the Creamy Butternut Squash and the Creamy Red Bliss Potato. They don't carry those kinds in grocery stores around here yet, so I need to make these last!! Next up, I got some Italian marinated tofu squares which I already added to a really good recipe I'll be posting some time this week. Then I got some Harvest Apple Chicken Sausages. I thought they sounded delish and I will soon find out! =) Last but not least, I got a giant tub of 0% Greek Yogurt. Like I said yesterday, it's my first time trying it out, and I loved the consistency of it! I read an article saying once you try Greek yogurt, you'll never go back to regular yogurt. I can see where that can be true! What are some of your favorite ways to use Greek Yogurt? So far I've just used it as a mayo swap! Any other great ideas?? Anyway, I am off to go do some laundry and just relax again. I love the slower pace of home life vs. the crazy life of college, but a little of both makes my life complete! Have a great day--and hopefully the weather in your neck of the woods is MUCH better than mine.

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Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Totally true about the Greek yogurt. You'll never want the regular stuff again! It makes a great sub. for sour cream in any recipe or as a topping. Love it so much.

Glad you enjoyed your first trip to Whole Foods and that you DID NOT leave the store without some Dark Chocolate Dreams...good stuff!

-30 degree windchill?!? I would die!

Have a good weekend my friend. :)