Monday, March 16, 2009

Good for You Goodies: Holey Donuts

*The Good for You Goodie: Assorted donuts, donut holes, and cinnamon buns.

*The Company:Holey Donuts

*My Chew Review: When I think of donut companies, I tend to think of Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme. And when I think of donuts I generally think of them as a once in awhile treat that really isn't all that good for you. They can be loaded with unhealthy trans fats, artificial sweetners, and all that other not so good for you stuff. So what if I told you there's a company that provides donuts free of trans fats, artificial sweetners, etc. You'd probably say, "Ok, but I prefer a real donut, not some cardboard fake donut." But remember guys, this feature is called Good for you Goodies, stressing the "good" factor as being good tasting and good for you. Holey smokes I think I found a winner people! Holey Donuts is a company I discovered online(and really everyone SHOULD know about it), and they so graciously offered to send a sample my way. Fortunately, their sample stocked my whole freezer with tons of tantalizing donuts. I have been eating donuts almost every day for the past week--guilt free! And in no way could I tell the difference between their healthy donuts and a standard everyday donut. You could have literally blindfolded me and there's not a difference. Other than the Holey Donuts need to be kept in the freezer upon arrival and microwaved or thawed at room temp before consumption. They have a huge selection of donuts, donut holes, and even cinnamon buns for all you Cinnabon fans, and their prices are suprisingly cheap for all the work they go through to make these suckers healthy for consumers. The donuts are made by hand and require 22! steps till they are shipped out to you. Talk about major company dedication, eh? I could not rave enough about these and their distinct yet comparable taste to a unhealthy donut. So scroll down to view my thoughts, and ohh you can drool at the glorious donuts too!

*Low Fat Cinnamon Glazed Donut Holes
Let's just say, good things can come in small packages! They may be small, but once I popped em' the microwave, a warm cinnamon scent lingered as I bit into it. I wasn't sure what to expect with a "low fat" donut, but this was exactly like I was at Cinnabon, in a smaller, perfect for after lunch dessert. If you like cake donuts in a donut hole shape with a layer of sweet icing and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon, I suggest you get these stat!

*From left to right--Raspberry Graham Cracker, Coconut Cream Pie, Banana Cream Oreo Cookie
Unfortunately the Raspberry Graham Cracker donut has not been tested yet; so many donuts, so little time!(But I will update when I do try it!) The Coconut Cream Pie was filled with a decadent bavarian creme filling of some sort topped with a hefty layer of frosting topped with a generous amount of coconut, for a nice tropical touch! And finally the Oreo one is not skimping on Oreos at all. Since no one in my house(including myself)is too fond of Oreos(my dad likes em', but he won't eat a donut unless it's completely chocolate--grr!), so I enlisted my grandpa to test this one out for ya guys. He said it was great! I liked his little twist--he left it out to thaw and when he ate it the inside was still a bit frozen and he said he liked it that way because it was more like an ice cream sandwich--now that's what I'm talkin about! Plus I like how they incorporated both Oreo and banana for an insane good taste.

From left to right: Low Fat Caramel Crumb, Low Fat Vanilla Crumb & Low Fat Chocolate Crumb
These were all basically the same as far as texture goes. But each had a little different taste to them of course. The picture really doesn't do justice, because they are still in a frozen state. Any ways, when you pop em' in the microwave, the topping magically turns to a thick flavored icing topped with a really fun crumb layer! It totally makes the donut! Rather than having just a icing, the crumb is what makes it more fun!
Jumbo Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns
Okay, the peeps over at Holey Donuts are not lying when they state that these buns are JUMBO. One could easily be split in two and provide a great snack or dessert. The secret of these buns, which is why they can't be compared to Cinnabon, is that they replace all the icky bad-for-you stuff in the bun with an apple/spice filling! Definitely a new twist for your cinnamon bun taste buds, but heck, it's actually better! I need to get the recipe...or just buy some =)
I'll leave ya with this last bit; a bit of donut that is! It's a peek inside the Vanilla Crumb donut after it's been microwaved and before I devour it. Check out that hefty texture and that ooey gooey topping. Now stop dreaming and go order a dozen..or two!


kojojojo said...

it looks so delicious
i have to try this

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