Monday, March 30, 2009

Good for you Goodies: FitNutz!

Hey all! Hope everyone had a beyond wonderful weekend. I did, up until I watched the weather and heard we are supposed to be getting blasted with 4-7 inches of snow—again! What is up with this crazy spring/winter weather? I thought March was supposed to either come in like a lamb, go out like a lion, or the opposite—but in this case it’s been a lion the whole way through. Southern states are sounding better every day.

A couple things on the blogenda today: First off, a reader made a comment on my post on the powdered peanut butter PB2 and asked, “Why don’t you just eat real peanut butter?” Since I think blogs should be interactive, I decided to respond, but in a post rather than privately just in case anyone else was wondering the same thing. Well to answer your question—I do eat real peanut butter; check out my stash! CIMG0235 I am in no way saying you should not eat real peanut butter, in fact I stress that you should—it’s a nutrient/protein-packed powerhouse. I simply like to try and review other products on my blog, especially since this whole “Good for You Goodies” concept is about highlighting unique products. I don’t think it would be too exciting to do a review on Skippy peanut butter because..well..who doesn’t know what a jar of Skippy tastes like? I instead chose PB2 and in today’s case, FitNutz, because they are not you everyday item. And by the way, you do not need to replace peanut butter for this, it can simply be an addition if you please. Plus it can be used in lots of others ways that standard peanut butter cannot. Check em’ out here. So I hope that answered that question.

Next on the blogenda—just a quick heads up on a blog post that totally blew me away this weekend! Wanted everyone to check it out. You can here!

And finally the Good for You Goodie of the day!!

The Good for You Goodie: Regular, Chunky, and Pro-Protein Powdered PB

The Company:FitNutz

The Chew Review: This is the 2nd powdered peanut butter that I have tried now, and I am sad to report I did not like FitNutz nearly as much as PB2. I did however like the fact that they offer a chunky version which PB2 does not. Anyway, what I noticed was the powder was not as easy to mix. It took more time to incorporate the powder and water. Then for the taste test—it didn’t have that ‘total’ peanut butter taste I was looking for. But it still is loaded with the same essential fatty acids found in your standard peanut butter and it’s all natural! So needless to say, it will not go to waste! [I hate wasted food!] I am planning on incorporating it in some other of my recipes.

Here’s the chunky. It still lacked that awesome peanut flavor, but CIMG0213the peanut chunks make up for it a bit.






Then came the regular tested on a whole wheat bagel. After I tried it, I added some cinnamon on top because it was lacking flavor. The Pro is basically the same look wise, but it had a bit more of a sweet taste to it, which wasn’t all that bad.

But as we all know, tastes and individuals vary, so if you want an opinion on FitNutz different from my own, check out Jenny over at Peanut Butter and Jenny.

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

sounds good, but I don't think it'll ever match up with good ol' real PB! which kind is your fav?