Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good for you Goodies: Erin Baker's

The Good for You Goodie:Oatmeal Raisin & Double Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookies + Peanut Butter Granola and Fruit&Nut Granola
The Company:Erin Baker's
The Chew Review: So I'm someone who absolutely loves giving public recognition to smaller companies in hopes that they will explode to something huge; that's how I feel with Erin Baker's. What better way to spread the word than through the blogging world?! They base their company on wholesome baked goods and their promise to customers is they will never add harmful trans fats, high-fructose corn syrups or artificial ingredients in any of their products--sounds pretty darn good to me! But besides having a good company standard, their products are waaay good. They have a BUNCH of hefty breakfast cookies, smaller bite-size cookies, brownie bites, homestyle granola, and even ultra protein granola! =) I can't rave enough about these breakfast cookies; I have never quite tasted something like it, so I can't compare it to a mainstream product. But believe me, in this case, being a unique cookie is a real good thing. So first check out the generous box the Baker's over at Erin's sent me--->
*Top left:Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookie *Top right: Double Chocolate Chunk Bfast Cookie
*Botton left: Fruit & Nut Granola *Bottom right: Peanut Butter granola
I'll start with the Peanut Butter granola-- I've been sampling a lot of granola lately, but this flavor definitely leaves its' own mark. The peanut butter flavor is extremely apparent, but not in an overpowering way..instead it's more of a 'nutty' and 'natural' taste vs. if you took a spoonful of say, Jiffy. But, I have not had tons of peanut butter granola..most recently I tried the Meteor PB granola bites, and they are way sweeter than this. I thought this granola tasted devine in my vanilla yogurt =)
Fruit and Nut granola--Check out the nice texture of this! I am definitely a texture then taste kinda girl, I like checking out the whole appearance before digging in! This granola was an eye and a mouthful! The nuts, the fruit, and the granola were all apparent--no hidden ingredients here. There was walnuts, raisins annnd cranberries all mixed up with a subtle hint of coconut! Yes, all that in one package. And another good thing about granola; the possibilties are literally endless. Erin Baker's can help beautify your grand granola creations! Check out their other flavors too.Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookie: I tried to write a review while eating this, but I couldn't simply because my mouth was full and I kept saying "Mmm" and looking at the package because I couldn't believe it was actually good for you! Then I had to zoom to their website to see about ordering some more of these. I have always been a die-hard oatmeal raisin cookie fan since I was knee high, but unfortunately baking your own can sometimes produce unpredictable results. Maybe too many raisins in half the batch, not enough in the other, or you overbaked you can just have Erin Baker's do all the work to satisfy your craving! But even when you do bake your own, do you ever lick the bowl[C'mon you can tell me ;)] The first thought upon biting into this was: WOW it tastes like fresh and chewy cookie dough straight from the bowl 8-) It's a very oaty texture, very chewy, and verry satisfying.
Double Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookie: This had a similar texture to the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie; dense, chewy, and satisfying. Upon the first bite, I thought "Chocolate!"--more like double chocolate as the name implies. This one tasted like brownie batter. Honestly; I loove these. It also had tons of chocolate chips, but they balance out nicely. Another one to try for sure!

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