Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good for You Goodies: Medora Snacks[Part 1]

Hey everyone! I’m so glad it’s Thursday, which means I have made it through half the week and I’m still kickin’! Anyone else having extremely dreary weather—as in slush/snow, no sun for 4 days, cold, windy, etc. I sure hope no one else has to deal with this crud! Grr. Anyways, I just wanted to make sure all my reader’s are enjoying this ongoing “Good for You Goodies” feature, so if you could just take a second to take the poll below, I would really appreciate it! Like I said, I will use the weekends to feature recipes, tips, etc. But I cannot imagine not sharing all these delish products with everyone![I know one of my fav things about blogs is discovering new products & getting real reviews!] Thanks guys!

The Good for You Goodie:Pucci Pizza Snacks and White Cheddar Pogos

The Company: Medora Snacks

The Chew Review: Medora Snacks is a fairly new company that launched its products in 2008. The maker’s of Medora Snacks envisioned bringing their ideas of healthy and innovative snacking to the public. The result? A slew of amazing and unique products that are now making their way into people’s mouths all over! =) They make 4 main products: Corners, Pogos, Pucci, and Sotos. Luckily, I got samples of all 4 types, so I am splitting this post up. Tomorrow will feature Sotos and Corners. Here’s the samples I got.


  • White Cheddar Pogos

CIMG0202 What the heck is a Pogo?[or Pucci, Sotos and Corners?] These names initially had me scratching my head, but heck, once I bit into these babies, I could care less if they had no name or a crazy name! But FYI, a Pogo is a potato cheese stick! It’s crunchy and fun shaped. I immediately thought of a Cheeto and it has a resemblance in taste also, except like Medora states on their website, “Tons of crunchy, cheesy taste and none of the messy CIMG0203 orange stuff left on your hands.” Hey, I’m all about super snacks minus the mess! I got to try the White Cheddar, but they have 2 other flavors also—hickory smoked and jalapeño cheddar. Plus Pogos are made with a unique baking process to create a more wholesome product using only all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.

nutrional facts

  • Pucci Pizza Snacks

CIMG0193 Do you ever have extreme pizza cravings, but don’t have time to pop one in the oven, or maybe you don’t even want a whole slice, but just a bite instead. Whatever your deal, I have just solved mine! Pizza bites any time I want! In the car, on the run, or just for fun—please make sure you get your hands on a bag of these soon =D They come in 3 flavors; Classic, Tomato Basil, and Garlic. I tried the classic. I could go CIMG0194 on and on about these little pizza jewels, but I will just say this: they look like pizza, they taste like a flat and crunchy slice, and they pair perfectly with a meal or all by themselves. Medora says, “Experience the delicious taste of 100% extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella and parmesan cheese baked into every bite.” Bon appétit!

nutrional facts

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