Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh Me,Oh My--It's Shepherd's Pie!

Today I wanted to share a recipe my family loves in hopes that yours will too! It's the classic Shepherd's Pie, but is perfect for the time-crunched people(because it uses a major shortcut food), and it's also perfect for those of us that are definitely feeling the strain of rising grocery prices.(I made this meal for exactly $6.59) It's cool how when you get creative you can make a cheap & tasty meal! I like using a few "secret" ingredients to jazz it up a bit, but overall this recipe is extremely versatile. You can swap in other veggies, use turkey or soy crumbles instead of beef, and go all out with seasoning to your tastes. So I urge you to try this; you won't be disappointed & it won't leave a hole in your wallet. =)
Snappy Sheperd's Pie
1-1/2 lb lean ground beef, turkey, or soy crumbles
1 can corn(and I used just a tad of leftover canned peas this time)
*any other canned veggies you want
1 tub of pre-made mashed potatoes(found in your grocers refrigerated section)
*Seasonings/Sauces I use: Pepper, Garlic Powder, Ketchup(1 TBSP), Worcestershire Sauce(1 TBSP), Italian Seasoning (again, you can use what suites your taste)
*Cheese is optional also, I just put some Cheddar on half of the pie.
1)Preheat oven to 400 F.Cook beef in a skillet until no longer pink. Add desired seasonings and sauces.
2)Strain beef so all liquid is gone, then spread into a 9 x 11 pan. Top with even layers of desired veggies, then spread mashed potatoes over the top.
3)Once oven is preheated, place the shepherd's pie(covered with tinfoil)to cook for 30-35 minutes until edges start to brown. Once done, turn broiler on high and remove tinfoil from pan. Place cheese on pie if desired, place under broiler for about 1-1/2 min. until potatoes start to crisp and cheese is bubbly.

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