Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Totally Tofu =)

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been gone the past couple of days! I had to move back to college after a lovely week back home. I really enjoyed my time with the fam just hanging out, playing games, and basically savoring our time together which seemed too short. =( But thankfully college keeps me busy busy busy so that the time will go by faster till I get to go home to a comfy bed and cuddly pets once again! Anyhoo..then I got back to college, turned on my laptop, and it would not take a charge! My laptop is about 2 years old, so I started freaking out that the battery was shot! After settling down and some talk with a technically inclined family friend, the problem was my adapter cord was at the end of its' life =( With a giant paper due Tuesday that was on my laptop along with other important parts of my life (why is technology so great, yet so stressful?!), my mom decided to play Superwoman once again (she is truely the best mom ever!), her and my aunt drove 3 hours with a new adapter from Best Buy and delivered it to me at 11 pm. Talk about major life saver--I know I thanked you a gazillion times, but thanks again mom!
Now onto some housekeeping(blogkeeping?)details for what's up for the coming week. Tomorrow is Monday and that means it's the official kick off of my blog feature "Good for you Goodies" and "Good for you Goods" reviews. I have tons of beyond awesome companies that so generously donated products that I scoped out to feature. I have been receiving packages upon packages, and tasting many new foods which is always a pleasure! Thanks again to all the companies and your willingness to participate =) The feature is basically goodies that are great tasting as well as nourishing for your body, and also some things besides snacks in the good for you goods. Each day I will reveal a product from a company, provide a picture, and a run down of what I thought. It's pretty much a chew review. So if you're in the market for some new products, you may just want to tune in. I am soooo excited to do this. So I will leave you with a new recipe I tried this past week. Perfect lunch or light meal. Have a great night!
Tofu-licious Bowl
1 package tofu shirataki noodles
Desired amount of your favorite pasta sauce
Tofu, cubed (I used Italian-Herb marinated)
Assorted steamed veggies, chooped (I used zucchini, various peppers, & mushrooms)
Seasonings of your choice
Prep noodles.(read packaging for instructions)
Meanwhile steam the vegetables, and while they're steaming, chop the tofu into cubes. Pour the sauce on the noodles and top with veggies, pineapple, and tofu. Sprinkle cheese if desired.
**The pineapple may seem like an odd addition; but trust me it totally adds a tropical twist to this dish!

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