Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Hello everyone! I am back after my really fun vacation! I am totally shopped out; who knew that was possible! But we thrifted the whole weekend, so it wasn't bad for the economy & plus thrifting=recycling which is good for the earth. We also went to Mall of America specifically for ice cream and to people watch. I've been there so many times and it's usually so busy that it's not really fit for quality shopping. We stayed at the LivInn Suites and it was a really nice hotel. Here's a picture of where I ate breakfast every morning.

Well then I found out my camera battery was dead which was pretty sad because I couldn't get any pictures of all my great eats. We ate at Old Country Buffett the first night in St.Cloud. I had salmon,1/2 bake potato chopped up & I mixed it with steamed cabbage, then I had steamed carrots, and a giant salad with the works to finish it off! Tasted like a home cooked meal =) Then the 2nd night we ate at Denny's and I had my standard chicken breast with steamed veggies and a salad. Another great one! And my highlight of that was winning a cute bunny out of the claw machine--I am a pro ha ha. On the way home we just hit up Subway but I did try their new 9 grain wheat bread and it was way better than their old standard wheat. Of course every night we had glorious ice cream too! So now I am finally back to my real home. I was greeted by my happy bulldog and fuzzy cat, and a couple big boxes that came in the mail! Some really good samples that I am keeping a surprise for just a few more days, so hang in there! ;-) I got to go to Whole Foods for the first time and I was very impressed! (Besided the pungent smell of fresh fish that eventually faded!) I spent about an hour browsing and filling the cart. =P Tomorrow I will reveal what I bought!!!! It's yummy stuff. I've already snacked on a little bit of it--but can you blame me?! Anyway, today I got right in the kitchen and whipped up a lunch for my mom and I. My inspiration was from Kath and her Cabbage Cups ,but I did a little different twist to use up things we had here. BTW, this is my first time eating Greek Yogurt! No where near me sells it, so I knew I had to get it when I could. What a great mayo/sauce swap!
Cassie's Cabbage Rolls For Two-> *2 Steamed Cabbage "Cups" *2 Tbsp 0% Greek Yogurt *Handful of Apple Slices, Chopped *Handful of Red/Green Grapes, Chopped *4 Slices Shaved Turkey Breast *Sprinkle of Romano Cheese(or any cheese you want, or no cheese like me!) First, steam the cabbage "cups". I used a Ziploc Steam Bag. Chop the fruit and mix with the yogurt. Place the turkey in the cups then add the fruit/yogurt mixture on top. Add the cheese, wrap it up, and chow down! It tasted like a refreshing spring meal!

Then on the side we had another Imagine soup flavor. This time I tried out the cream of broccoli, which I did not like nearly as much as the previous tomato soup I reviewed, but it was still a great side soup. Then for a little after lunch treat, I made us these.......

Now these may look boring. But there is something GLORIOUS wrapped away inside. I will tell you--tomorrow! Have a glorious Tuesday bloggies!

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