Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good for You Goodies:Food Should Taste Good[Part 1]

The Good for You Goodie: A huge variety of chips!
The Company: Food Should Taste Good
The Chew Review: Ok, so everyone assumes all food should taste good..for the most part? The first thing I loved about this company was their name!!! I know it caught my attention, and I am sure glad it did. The company prides themselves on their chips that are all natural, gluten free, good source of fiber,trans fat&cholesterol free, and lactose free. Wow that's sounds good to me! They bake the flavor INSIDE the chip to create a new snacking experience. The folks over at Food Should Taste Good said they'd be happy to send a sample of chips my way. Low and behold, a sample consisted of 4 huge bags of chips and 3 smaller bags; all different flavors and all very unique to other chips I have seen. So since they sent soo many good chips, I am splitting this blog post into 2 parts, otherwise it might get on the long side. =) Before I start, check out the nice assortment I recieved--->
*Olive, Multigrain, Sweet Potato, and Jalapeno

*The Works, Buffalo, & Chocolate

When I first tore open the box, I first fell in love with the packaging! It definitely sets itself apart from other chip companies. It's very neat, yet very compelling with the big picture of the chip in the middle.[Studying marketing really opens my eyes to the way companies get us consumers to buy buy buy] I really had a tough time deciding which chip to try first since I have never had many of these flavors in "chip" form. But one thing I noticed about every single chip is that it is a different color, different shape, and different size--thought it was neat! Also these chips aren't for "airy" chip fans, these are some seriously crunchy and dense chips. Perfect canidate for holding up to that bowl of salsa; yum! I decided to just close my eyes and pick a bag--so without further ado, the first contestant is...........
The Works chip: On their website, they claim this chip is the version of a loaded bagel. It has onion, garlic, poppy and caraway seeds. So I was hoping for an abundant poppy seed taste because I loooove poppy seed anything, but unfortunately that was not the case. Instead it was an intense -crunch!- and a plethora of all the above flavors combined. In some ways it reminded my of a Frito Lay chip(but healthier!) These are smaller compared to their other chips, but definitely one that would go good with a turkey(or some other meat)kind of sandwich and some hummus dip.

I was itching to try this one just because I knew I would either really like it or really despise it. (check out the shape/color--kinda like a chocolate bar!) Anyway, this chip took me for a spin. It was not what I expected at all. It wasn't a Hershey kinda chocolate taste, but more a corn chip mixed with just a subtle chocolate bite to it. Not my favorite one of the bunch[that's tomorrow!], but I would still encourage you to give it a shot. I might try and get creative with this. Maybe some PB on top? hmm..
Last chip of the day--the Buffalo chip. First thought: Reminded me of a mini-dorito with the shape and look of it, but no taste resemblance. Instead this was infused with cayenne pepper, garlic and vinegar. It left my mouth zinging like a buffalo wing after I ate one! But their bite to em' is addicting.....I popped a couple more and then decided these would be good at a summer BBQ when your eating celery and some ranch dip. See you tomorrow for another chip chew!

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