Monday, March 23, 2009

Good for You Goodies:Food Should Taste Good[Part 2]

Hey fellow friends! I hope you all had a great first weekend of official spring. Here it didn’t seem like spring, but then again in Minnesota nothing is ever predictable, especially the weather. My weekend was restful for the most part, except for starting out my day Saturday discovering I hate a flat tire!! When your 2 hours away from your “car men”[Dad/Grandpa], and you have no mechanically inclined people to contact here, I did what I thought I should do and drive 10 mph with my flashers on to the nearest service station. Luckily it was just due to the cold weather and the tire had slightly pulled off the rim which caused it to deflate. So just $14.50 later(vs. an $80 replacement tire), I was on my way to a much better weekend! Now, onto the food of course :-) Today is part 2 of the Food Should Taste Good chip review, you can view Part 1 from last week here. I saved the last 4 flavors of chips for last just because they were my favorites. Best for last y’all!

  • My 4th Favorite Chip was…


The Jalapeño flavor! This chip was one of the bigger ones compared to the Buffalo and The Works chip. I also loved the fiery red hue. When I first bit in it was normal, but then all of a sudden I got a hint of heat. Not too hot, not to blah! They recommend eating this with corn&black bean salsa!

  • My 3rd Favorite Chip was…


The Olive flavor! It’s a chip infused with not one, not two, but three different olives. Black, kalamata, and green mixed together make this another great flavor. Plus the giant circle shape in a plus for dipping!

  • My 2nd Favorite Chip was…


The Multigrain flavor! To me this was the most wholesome tortilla chip that has ever entered my mouth. Plus I couldn’t get over the shape.[The whole line of chips is in such fun shapes!] This chip is a blend of flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds all which bring out a nice & nutty flavor. Definitely a good date for some veggie dip.

  • The winner in my book is…


The Sweet Potato flavor! I had a gut feeling when I first checked out the flavors Food Should Taste Good sent me, and I am a major sweet potato lover, so I was guessing it would take 1st place. I was right! It looked somewhat like a sweet potato, and tasted not exactly liked a fresh one, but more like a little salty and a little sweet with a hint of sweet potatoes. I will definitely be keeping a space for these on my “chip” shelve next to my Popchips and the rest =)

So in conclusion, I hope you all enjoyed this 2 part feature on the Food Should Taste good chips. There is such a variety, so if you like chips, there’s bound to be one that fits your fancy. Let me remind you these chips are very crunchy, and very satisfying, so if you’re more of a crisp person, save your money—otherwise dig in..because food should always taste good(in this case chips)!

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