Friday, May 15, 2009

Good for You Goodies: Sonoma Crisps

Good day all =) Figured I’d hit you up with a new Good for You Goodie. I have received a couple of stellar boxes in the mail the past couple of days—lets just say there’s some things coming up you do not want to miss! Including today’s post—good thing your already here. Read on!! [[BTW—Make sure to check out my girl Laura over at PineappleGurl and her awesome feature Alphabet Fruit—fun stuff!)

The Good For You Goodie: Dried Fruit Crisps

The Company: Sonoma Crisps

The Chew Review: Yes—another dried fruit stash to add to my ever-growing collection; good thing I eat em’ fast! I knew that Sonoma Crisps would be unique when compared to the rest. They are made Sebastopol, which is a small town in Sonoma County, California. (Wish I was in California again!) Anyways, they have 4 products—Apple Sticks in Original, Apple Cinnamon Sticks, Golden Delicious Apple Sticks, and my favorite, the Raisin Crunch.

I will start with my favorite!


Raisin Crunch was the first bag I plucked out of the box that Sonoma so generously sent.(Thanks again!) I loove raisins and will pretty much eat them any way. But I had never had these kind before! Here’s what Sonoma has to say--“We developed the crunchy raisins snack after listening to customers who didn’t care for the squishy texture or unique taste of traditional raisins.  The sole ingredient is high-quality raisins grown in the warm sunshine of Fresno, California. Using a unique, oil-free process, we essentially “inflate” the raisins, turning them into a light and crispy snack that literally pops in your mouth. Traditionally, most raisins have been used for baking and cooking, but Pop'n Raisin can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways…as a snack…as a salad topper…in virtually any culinary scene you can imagine. It’s a whole new concept for enjoying those world-renowned California Raisins.
Even if you’re not a big raisin fan, don’t hesitate to try Pop'n Rasin. With one crunchy pop, it will change everything you’ve ever known or thought about the traditional raisin.”


I think that pretty much sums up why I loved em’! Check out how round and jumbo they are. Yes, I still love my standard chewy raisins, but these are excellent all in their own way. Crunchy but airy, delicious but light. I will definitely be buying these for future munching! I am going to try some in cereal and see how it works also.





Cinnamon Apple Sticks were my 2nd favorite of the bunch—but I could have guessed they would be because a cinnamon/apple combo has yet to fail to disappoint me.CIMG0192

Here’s Sonoma’s snippet--“Apple Sticks Cinnamon are created using the same oil-free, slow-bake process as the Apple Sticks Original, with a pinch of cinnamon thrown in.
Just like when making apple pie or cider, adding a touch of cinnamon gives the apples a rich, aromatic flavor while removing the bitterness of the cinnamon itself.
Each bag of Apple Sticks Cinnamon contains the equivalent of 1½ apples, making it a fun, flavorful and healthy snack with just 80 calories, no fat and a full 12% of the recommended Daily Value of fiber.”

I think adding cinnamon anytime, anywhere is great and with these the cinnamon flavor was not hidden at all. Plus my favorite thing besides the taste of course was the awesome “french fry” look! CIMG0191I prefer eating dried fruit in this form more than any other! Why you ask? Just because it’s fun! =) I think these are going to be great dipped in some light caramel sauce.

CIMG0218 Golden Delicious Apple Crisps were truly delicious. I had yet to try a apple crisp made from a golden delicious, but it was up to my standards by a long shot! Sonoma says--“Golden Delicious is a new fruit snack from Sonoma Crisps, featuring a lighter taste and somewhat milder flavor than our snacks made from the bolder-flavored Apple Sticks Original.
Like our other apple snacks, each bag of Golden Delicious contains the equivalent of 1½ apples, with just 70 calories, no fat and a full 8% of the recommended Daily Value of fiber.
Golden Delicious is made exclusively with select Golden Delicious apples from the state of Washington.”

It did have a somewhat milder taste, but not boring at all! Great spin on an apple crisp! =)



And last but not least the Original Apple Sticks. Now don’t get me wrong—these weren’t bad, just original. And as you all know, I love originality but these were still not my favorite of the bunch, just because I have had original apple crisps before. Still, these were special due to the fun fry shape again! CIMG0217Here’s what Sonoma has to say,"Made with only the finest – and freshest – Apple Sticks Original is a new wholesome snack!
With each bag containing the equivalent of 1½ apples, you can enjoy a deliciously light snack at just 70 calories, with no fat and a full 8% of the recommended Daily Value of fiber.

During the apple season from Summer to Fall, we use the freshly-harvested apples of our native California. The rest of the year, we select apples from the state of Washington, America’s largest grower.
To preserve and capture the apple’s natural mild flavor and subtle hint of tartness, we bake Apple Sticks Original slowly and carefully, giving them a crispy texture (without using a single drop of oil).
We invite you to try a bag – and taste for yourself why Apple Sticks Original is a uniquely flavorful way to snack right.”

Overall I am definitely giving Sonoma Crisps an A! I highly recommend their products due to what I thought was originality with the shapes and tastes—and of course those crazy good raisins! They could be in your local grocery store, or you can always order from Amazon. Have a awesome day!


Laura said...

omggg i loooove dried fruit and that stuff looks AWESOME and how freaking cool that the apples look like french fries haha. Im jealous of ur goodies as always lol... and btw thanks for linking to me girl!

Jenny said...

I have been wanting to try those babies forever! I am so crazy about dried fruit. Unfortunately, I don't think they sell them around me and homegirl does not have the cash to order them online! Glad to hear theyre so great though - I'm hoping they'll come to good ol' CT!

Jenny said...

hey girlie .. Jenny again :) just responding to your comment on my post.. you can find ADORABLE dresses for fairly cheap at forever 21.. but my favorite finds always come from tjmaxx, marshalls, and kohls! definitely hit those places up :) happy shopping, love!