Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Girl Scout Pledge

  I thought for sure by the middle of May, we would be mowing the grass, unpacking shorts, etc., but this morning when I woke up I realized mother nature is way too unpredictable, and I am becoming less and less fond of her! There was a sprinkling of none other than SNOW on the ground & it is still flaking down during mid-morning. What a way to start a “supposed to be spring” day right? Good thing tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, so these unwanted flakes will be gone before long! But, there’s always an up-side to everything, and when the weather isn’t the best, it gives me an excuse to bake. =) When I heard that my mom or dad didn’t get a visit from the Girl Scouts this year, I was shocked, and I know they were secretly disappointed that there’s no cookies! So, I decided to play Superwoman and try my hand at making some homemade Girl Scout cookies. Of course their favorite are the Samoas, which looked and sounded hard/complicated to make, but hey you never know unless you try—and boy am I glad(and my mom&dad)that I tried! You can get the recipe here. I did make a change though—I omitted dipping each bottom of the bar in chocolate, because there was plenty of chocolate already on top. The recipe called for 10 oz of chocolate, I used just 1/2 C of semi-sweet chips and the chocolate flavor was just right! So check out my step-by-step picture tutorial that you can pair with the recipe, since it didn’t already have one =)

Coconut Mix Base





Stacey said...

Thanks for posting this! Samoas were always my favorite. I'm sure they taste even better homemade!

Jenny said...

girl that recipe puts samoas to shame!!! those look amazing <3

p.s. snow?! thats awful! home sunday brings sunny skies and warm weather your way!