Saturday, May 23, 2009

S’more Please!

   I am ready for bonfire season! Do you guys camp out or have bonfire parties with friends and family? I am not a “camping” out kinda gal, but I do love a backyard bonfires a couple nights a week with all our neighbors, fun, and of course s’mores need to make an appearance. But our neighbors fire pit down the block is under construction, so we are in the midst of getting our own up here to move things around temporarily. So until then, I decided these s’more bars would have to be a good stand-in for the real thing!

   I got the recipe here but of course I made a few minor adjustments! Did you actually think I would just follow the recipe. =) Instead of using the 2 king-sized milk chocolate bars, I used 2/3 C of milk chocolate chips just because I thought with the marshmallow crème and all it would just be a sweet overload! Also a couple tips for the recipe I conjured up:

  • Make sure you spray the pan well even if you use tinfoil!
  • I found microwaving the marshmallow crème before spreading it on works well—otherwise it can get sticky and messy. 
  • Sprinkle the top with some mini white chocolate chips if you want to jazz it up even more! I think it made them extra special.

  Of course I put together a photo tutorial of this recipe for y’all. For me I love looking at pictures along with a recipe—hope you feel the same!


Mixing up the dough CIMG0038 Spreading into the pan


Here come the chocolate chips!


Marshmallow crème anyone?


Top it off and sprinkle with white chocolate if you choose.


Baked goodness fresh from the oven.


And a few more shots for your drooling pleasure..



Have a super beginning to your weekend!


Jenny said...

bonfires are definitely one of my favorite parts of summertime .. (minus the smell of smoke that stays in your hair for days)

those smores look like HEAVEN girlie! ahh - i have to make them ASAP!!!!

Jenny said...

p.s. happy saturday, girlie :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

i def looove bonfires! i like camping too but last time i went the wilderness got a little toooo intense hhaa

p.s. for some reason i have a really ahrd time posting comments on your page

Bec said...

wow those smore square look delish, I love summer time camp fires!

Anonymous said...

ooh la la!!! gimme S'MORE please!

Meg said...

Oh my gosh this is so perfect! Yes, I love bonfires and camping!
Thanks for the recipe! You're awesome!!