Friday, May 22, 2009

Sushi+Facelifts..You’re Better Off Just Reading =)

Wow! Can you believe it is already Friday?! I can’t! This week flew by for me, although the whole summer is usually gone in a blink of an eye—wish I could say the same for winter.

I interrupt you for a brief news announcement: This weekend I am going to be working hard at giving the good ol’ blog a facelift. Yes it’s time! I figured since all of you take your time to read it (thanks and thanks again!), I should dedicate some time to making a page with all organized recipes and reviews for your viewing pleasure. Also, I am going to try and start doing more video posts! Hope it sounds all good to everyone! So if things around here look a little crazy Saturday and Sunday it’s because..

Now back to the show original message: With this weekend being Memorial weekend, I am sure you all will have tons of great plans! I have so nice and laid back plans—I definitely still need to unpack some boxes from college..procrastinate much? And I am baking the cutest cake for a baby shower on Sunday, so you will not want to miss it even if you don’t have any baby showers in your future, you can bookmark it for when ya do!

Now onto the whole sushi deal—I have never ever tried sushi and I am dying to! Why haven’t I? Well hick town up here in Minnesota has sushi that is either hiding out or just plain nowhere to be found. Every time we travel I cannot find it where we eat, and so I am starting to wonder if my dearest sushi and I will ever meet? Have you tried sushi? So for now I figured out another way to get at least the health benefits of sushi even if I cannot get a taste—yet. Thought I’d share in case your in the same boat!!










  • It definitely won’t set your tongue on fire, but if you’re looking for a new way to getAlterna Life Volumizing Spray Mousse 10.5oz your wasabi fix Alterna Life Volumizing Spray Mousse. It’s infused with wasabi and helps keep those new summer highlights from fading.



  • Of course we can’t Fresh Rice Dry Oilleave out the rice, one of the main components in sushi! Try out a bottle of Fresh Dry Rice Oil for a nice little massage action =)



  • And last but not least, to sum up our sushi roll we need sake! All the way from Japanese brewers it is a staple in sushi. This will give your bubble bath an extra boost with a foaming infused vanilla experience.


Anonymous said...

yaaaaay for sushi! ahah i just trief it recently and i like it so far... i actually am contemplating going to a cooking class on how to make it... i think it would be fun and different... hope u enjoyyy

Jenny said...

can't wait to see all the new blog changes girlie :)! woo woo video posts!!

blah i used to LOVE sushi but i got sick on it once (TMI?!) and now i can't even look at it.. oh how i miss it...

happy friday beautiful!!

Bec said...

you definitely need to try sushi, hurry up and find some!