Monday, May 25, 2009

Showers of Joy!

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Happy Memorial Day! 

Happy Monday all! I’m sure everyone who works has is off—hopefully! Memorial Day signifies the unofficial kick-off of summer and usually a time to just have a big bash with friends and family. But, of course it is so much more, and much more important than just another day. I have no immediate family members that have or are serving in the armed forces, but for those of you who do I will keep you and your soldier(s) in my prayers and give thanks for them continuously. If it wasn’t for people with that type of courage, those of us here in the US would likely not be as free as we are today.

Now onto some food business, because I am sure that’s what your all looking for! =) As I mentioned a couple days back, I was asked to make a cake for a baby shower. I was super excited because I had the perfect cake I clipped out of a Woman’s World issue a couple months back and was hoping there’d be an occasion to make it. It was rather time consuming (2 days from start to finish—about 3 hours into it I would say), but usually cakes are if you want to put a lot of detail into them! You better believe I had my camera handy every step of the way, so now I present to you my Showers of Joy baby shower cake. (Btw, if anyone wants the rundown step-by-step on how to make this, I would be happy to photocopy the directions—It’s simply too long to type out on here, so email me!)

  • The flavor of the cake was a white cake mix with chocolate chips and toasted almonds mixed in and a layer of chocolate frosting in between—yum!





  • I always use this cake tool to frost my cakes. I got it for free at a Taste of Home cooking show and I have 2 more thanks to my mom and grandma! Love it! (Tip: When frosting cakes, keep a small dish of cold water to dip your utensil in while frosting—it makes for a much smoother appearance.


  • Decorations included: Marshmallows, vanilla wafers, starbursts, assorted jelly beans, crystal light candies and chocolate teddy grahams.





Stay tuned tomorrow for a spin on a great Rachael Ray dish!


Jenny said...

wow girl - you are EXTREMELY talented.. that cake looks professional! have you ever considered an occupation in baking/cooking???

enjoy your memorial day, beautiful :)

katecooks said...

thanks for stopping by my blog!!! your cake looks delicious!!! and i am DYING for the smores stuff :) i would eat that WHOLE PAN!!!

Anonymous said...

omg, AMAZING cake! can you make me my b-day cake? tee hee!
and what a great tribute to our heroes!

Erica said...

That cake turned out so cute! I love it

Bec said...

wow amazing job with that cake, you have some mad skills!