Friday, May 8, 2009

Home At Last..And Some Mighty Good(Natural) Food!

Well folks, I am finally home sweet home—wow I so forgot about all the great at home comforts I missed out on for like 9 months. Sad! I know all the other college peeps know what I am talking about & everyone else knows how much you can miss home when your gone too. So my mom and I packed and hauled like dogs for a good hour and a half. Once I had my life packed up in my car and my grandpa’s truck he so generously let us borrow, we were off for the 2 hour ride home. I absolutely hate the drive—it is beyond boring. Trees, lakes, more trees, and the occasional town with a population of oh, 200 people. How fun—not. So I entertained myself by poppin’ in David Archuleta and eating my good ol’ lunch I packed. I made my mom and I bagel, ham, pineapple, salsa sandwiches with some fresh grapes and a load of snacks.(Had to clean out the good ol’ dorm fridge!) So we got home and did not feel like cooking or cleaning up a mess, so we went out to eat. I had been dying to try Pizza Hut’s new Natural Pizza. Even though it’s been out for awhile, but I hadn’t had the chance to stop in and get it. The pizzas are different from their standard ones because the crust is whole wheat with a whopping 8 grams of whole grains crammed in a slice! Of course all the toppings are natural as well and you can choose from All-Natural Pepperoni, All-Natural Italian Sausage, Fire-Roasted Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Red Onions, Sliced Mushrooms and Pineapple. Natural foods are made with out artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Even the sauce is All-Natural Old World Sauce and the cheese as well is All-Natural Whole Milk Mozzarella with Cheddar. So it’s definitely an option that you can feel good about eating—make that great!  My mom got her half with extra cheese and just pineapple. I got mine with a little less cheese than regular, and extra extra veggies!


The first thing you notice is the crust is obviously a different “hue” than their regular pizzas. The crust is phenomenal! I really want to try and recreate it Plus the veggies weren’t your average wimpy little chopped veggies. These we giant chunks of goodness. I tried to get the pictures to do justice..but to really get the full effect you’d have to go out and order one, which I highly suggest! 


And of course we had to pair our pizza with breadsticks! They always get a bad rap, but I believe in everything in moderation! CIMG0151

Cheers to that!


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