Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cereal Sale Sunday

Hey guys! Today has been a hectic day—my great grandma is in her 90’s and has to get a put to sleep and have her hip popped back in. So she was brought down to the bigger hospital about an hour away. Please keep her in your prayers!! Tonight was supposed to be homemade pizza night, but you know how plans can change fast!! I’ll be back full blast in morning. Just wanted to tell ya about a special sale going on for a few more days over at Kay's Naturals! Their cereal is by far one of my favorites! So if your in the mood for some new bang in your bowl, now is the time to order up!

For Our Kay's Gluten-Free Customers Only!!

For a limited time only, we are offering you, our Kay's Gluten-Free customer, 30% off and free shipping with orders over $60 (after discount). In addition to this discount all cereal is currently an additional 20% off, so when you check out and enter code "mayflowers" you could receive as much as 50% off cereal and free shipping with a $60 or more purchase (after discount). With savings like this we know you can stock up on your gluten-free cereals and snacks.

Get 30% off with code "mayflowers" (one word & case sensitive) and free shipping with a $60 or more purchase, offer expires May, 19th.

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Jenny said...

i will be sure to keep your grandmother and your family in my prayers girl <3 xoxo *hugs*