Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Little Late—But Still Great!

Hey everyone! I am so bogged by the annual end-of-the-semester college cramming, unfortunately blogging has to take a bit of a back seat for now. But have no fear! I am not leaving or abandoning the blog until summer vacation—I just can’t promise everyday posts, more like a couple a week. I can’t wait till summer to bombard you with all my great sunshine filled recipes =) I know y’all will understand. So hang in there and be glad your not a college student—if you are I know you feel me. Have a super rest of your week!

I recently sampled a new pizza from the freezer section—I am told they are hard to find, but if you can get your hands on one, I highly suggest you do, especially if you had a dollar off coupon like me. This is definitely in the top ten of my Good for You Goods.(not to be confused with Good for You Goodies, which BTW has a few more contestants to be featured)

The pizza is made by a company called A.C. LaRocco, which I heard about through Hungry Girl awhile back. I immediately went to the website and typed my zip code in the “Store Locator” and was delighted that the grocery store right down the block from me stocked em’, I was just hoping they had the kind I had my heart set on(Ultra Thin Sprouted Grain Old World Veggie). Yes they did—which meant it was meant to be—which meant I bought one!!! =) The crust is made of 100% sprouted whole grain and it is extra thin which I have always been a fan of vs deep dish pizzas.

  • AC LaRocco pizzas are assembled in a frozen physical state using “freshly frozen vegetables” to savor the nutritional factors of freshness and flavor.
  • AC LaRocco was compared to 42 other frozen pizzas and declared the lowest in Sodium of all other popular brands.
  • "How Does AC LaRocco Preserve The Highest Nutritional Level Possible  Without The Use Of Food Additives or Food Chemicals?"
          (a)         Using Fresh Frozen Vegetables.
          (b)         Assembling & Packaging each Pizza Frozen (non thawed state).
          (c)         Formulating Each Pizza To Start Baking Direct From the
          (d)         Developing Crust to Finish Baking Precisely as the Cheese
  • Inulin is the dietary fiber found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Not only does inulin aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates and calories, new studies indicate that it may also play an integral role in digestive health by increasing dietary fiber and prebiotic "good" bacteria in the intestinal tract. The two AC Larocco thin crust pizzas have inulin in the crust, which gives it higher fiber even though the crust is thin.

All this in this glorious slice of heaven. I would rate a 8 out of 10 for taste, texture, and overall satisfying eating experience. I’ve tasted quite a bit of pizza in my life and this one is a keeper! Although the folks at A.C. LaRocco’s could have added a bit more veggies, which is why I added the sliced mushrooms you see. =) If you’re in the market for a new weeknight pizza to quick pop in the oven, this one won’t have you feeling one bit guilty!



LissaMarie said...

yumm, my mom got this for dinner a while ago and is was divine. =] Also, I completely feel you on the end of the semester craziness, i'm currently feeling it and being stressed by it too! Love your blog =]

Stacey said...

I'll definitely start up a recipe section! Thanks for the great idea!

Ugh, I know how it is at the end of the semester. Hang in there. It'll be such a relief when it's all over!

abbiejsmith said...

Wow this sounds really good, I will have to try it! Thanks!

Laura said...

Hey girlie! Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours looks awesome too and I will add to to reader so I can check it out again and again! I saw that you are a beader and so am I!! I was happy because I dont know anyone else who beads lol. Enjoy your night!