Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good for You Goodies: Nutritious Creations Cookies

--Happy Humpday—everyone! Yesterday was like the first taste of spring here. A high of 44 degrees which was like a heat wave! So I went for a nice stroll and finished off the night with some Cold Stone Creamery. You all know I love that place! 8-) Now the post today is basically a 2nd edition to my 1st video post on the other goodies Nutritious Creations sent me. If you missed the video post, check it out here. I hadn’t yet tested the cookies when I did the video post, but now that they are all in my belly I can share the chew review!

The Good for You Goodie: More Cookies!

The Company: Nutritious Creations

The Chew Review: Honestly, I loved every single one of these cookies & I am a pretty fussy person when it comes to cookies and food in general, but gosh, I have been delighted by all of these products I’ve received and can’t say I’ve had to stop eating something or give it away because I didn’t like it. Cheers to that! But I still did have some favorites in this bunch, I will start with my least favorite and save the best for last…

  • Wheat Free Carob Chip Cookie


Just because this was my least favorite does not mean it wasn’t good just to let you know! I was anticipating a chewy chocolate chip cookie, but instead this was definitely a crunchy cookie which the crumbly texture. I prefer chewy, but I am still working my way through this giant cookie. Here’s some extra info: A Large crunchy cookie made with rice and oat flour, loaded with all natural carob chips (a great alternative to chocolate), a divine treat that’s a great source of energy. 100% vegan.

  • Sugar Free Snack-A-Doodles


  • I loved the square shape vs. a normal circular cookie—very stylish! (are cookies stylish?) Anyway, even though these are sugar free they are sweetened with Splenda, so definitely not lacking on the sweetness. Any slightly more chewy than the Carob Chip cookie. Each 1 oz cookie is Sweetend with Splenda & Maltitol. They Have No Transfats, No Hydrogenated Oils, No Dairy, & are Kosher by Kof-K. These Cookies are Crispy & 100% Delicious.
  • Low Fat Rocky Road Cookies

CIMG0013 The look of these immediately got me thinking, “What a loaded cookie!” and isn’t that how cookies should be? Fortunately it also delivered a loaded taste somewhat reminiscent to a good ol’ campfire s’more! It had me wanting s’more.(no pun intended)This scrumptious cookie is filled with lots of yummy bits, marshmallows, almonds, walnuts, & chocolate chips. All wrapped up in a low fat decadent chocolate cookie. Only 170 Calories, 3 Grams of Fat, & 3 Grams of Fiber. Go for it, these cookies rock!!

  • Gluten Free Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

CIMG0015 I am a total fan of coconut because it takes me to the beach(mentally of course, bummer it’s not for real!) I could smell the coconut right when I opened the package which is a sure sign it was gonna be loaded with coconut taste & that it was! And no fake coconut tastes here, all real, so yes, it did bring me to a tropical place all the way through!Soft, moist and chewy, this cookie is a great combination of coconut and chocolate. A creamy, melt in your mouth, one of a kind taste. This tropical treat will take your taste buds on a healthy vacation. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • Gluten Free Carrot Cake Cookie

CIMG0014 Anyone who is a fan of carrot cake will no doubt love these cookies! It was so moist it practically broke pieces off itself for me to devour! Packed with raisins and walnuts it was such a treat, but oh so healthy and to top it off it was extreme spicy goodness. My top pick for carrot cake anything! Yumm.. A delicious, sweet, spiced, soft, moist cookie with raisins & walnuts. No refined sugar, transfat, dairy, cholesterol, eggs, wheat, & no hydrogenated oils. The only flour used in this cookie is rice, potato, tapioca & almond. 100% Vegan.


Peanut Butter and Jenny said...

oh girl thanks for the awesome review! I have tried the nutritious creations brownies and was a little dissapointed - but the cookies look awesome! Glad you enjoyed them so much =) <3

Zesty Cook said...

Great review... I would be interested to give those a test drive :)