Monday, April 6, 2009

Good for You Goodies: Revolution Foods

It’s Monday already? Unbelievable! My weekend flew probably due to the fact that I was busy with papers, the regular weekend errands, and a bit of packing up to come home in less than a month. Also in less than a month I will be turning 18!! I am actually not looking forward to a birthday for possibly the first time ever—I just don’t want to cross that invisible line into adulthood, even though I am pretty much an adult now since I live on my own and all that kinda stuff. But needless to say, I can’t stop time and might as well enjoy my life instead of fretting about getting older; plus I am excited to see what my future will behold. I also got out and enjoyed the semi-nice weather and took some pictures for my Technical Foundations class: thought I’d share a couple!



I got these awesome bowls at IKEA about a month ago, and I totally forgot to share them—they deserve a special mention. Plus all four cost under seven bucks! Yes, that’s one lonesome tree, and yes that is still the snow covered lake in the background. Thought the overall shot was a nice one. =) Onto the fooooood..

The Good for You Goodie: Various Lunchbox Snacks

The Company: Revolution Foods

The Chew Review: First off, this company is marketed towards parents as a alternative to unhealthy treats one might normally stuff in a lunchbox for your child. Now, I don’t necessarily carry a lunchbox(more so stuff things into my backpack), and I am not so much of little kid where mom packs my lunches anymore(although I wish she could because I loved the little surprise notes!)..anyway this company to me was still a great one to feature since some readers may be parents or may become parents in the future. It’s always good to know there are companies that are on your side for raising a healthy child. But meanwhile, you can try out the snacks yourself, even if you don’t pack a lunch or have kids. 8-) I won’t tell, I promise!

From the website: “We believe that all children deserve access to healthy, wholesome foods where they need it the most – in their schools. Our organic lunchbox snacks and sandwich builders make it easy to nourish your kids with yummy, balanced nutrition. And when you purchase our products, you’re helping us nourish even more kids through our School Lunch Program, making every bite matter for all kids.”

First off, here’s the spectacular package I received courtesy of the wonderful people over at Revolution Foods. Thank you!

CIMG0217 First up..

  • Organic Pop Alongs

These are definitely reminiscent to Pop Chips if you’ve tried them. The Pop Alongs are made with whole grain rice, corn and oats, 100% organic, wheat free, low fat, 100 calories or less per serving, no transfat, no high fructose corn syrups, and no artificial ingredients. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe a little photo opt will! =)



The cinnamon flavor was great! I was glad to find a chip texture like Pop Chips but with a hint of cinnamon coating. They were simply good!




The name Cheesy Cheese sadly didn’t meet up to my expectations—instead it was more of a subtle cheese taste that can’t win when faced with my favorite Mr. Krispers cheesy flavor. These won’t be marked as a favorite unfortunately, but it didn’t hurt to try!



I am not a plain chip girl. I’m not a plain girl, and I prefer my food to match! B-) So these got paired with some salsa and we’re a great accompanist to my lunch! So even though I wouldn’t suggest these on their own unless your for the whole “plain gang” kind of deal, definitely pick up some dip with these and they are a nice change to your typical chip. 

Next up..

  • Organic Jammy Sammy

These won my heart at the pure mention of the name. As soon as I investigated I found that these are snack size peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!!! I immediately thought of why everyone needs these—they’re cute, they’re convenient, they’re good for you, they’re the perfect craving buster or snack, and heck, they’re delicious! Honestly, they taste like a homemade PB and J. It’s genius! The flavors I tried: PB&Strawberry, PB&Grape, and Apple Cinnamon & Oatmeal.





These are small just to warn you, but they are packed with 1g of fiber, 2g protein, 8% DA of Vitamin C and 2% RDA of iron all for 110 calories. And like I said, these are worth ordering!



And the PB&Grape didn’t show up for the photo shoot and is now in someone’s tummy—possibly mine? Anyway, my favorite was the PB & Strawberry just because that’s how I make a normal sandwich. But overall, I highly recommend these!

And last..

  • Organic Mashups

These are the little juicebox type things with the bright ball on top pictured in the package I got up above. Didn’t know what to expect out of these, but sometimes the unknown it the best surprise, right?! These are crazy cool! In Grape, Berry, and Tropical(my very favorite), they are 100% Organic fruit puree with no sugar added. It makes eating fruit more fun(for me anyway), and is great to get your five-a-day on the run! Plus for all you creative bloggies, this stuff could be used in yogurt(it’s yum!), subbed in baked goods, etc. I have one left that I am going to experiment with. If your looking for a new way to get your fruit, look no further!

And the very last—they went beyond and above themselves at Revolution Foods sent me a great magazine that I have never heard of! They must have known I’m a magazine-oholic! You should check it out—it’s a great read!



LissaMarie said...

those bowls from ikea are soo cute!

Zesty Cook said...

Those Jammies look and sound YUMMY!