Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good for You Goodies: PistachiOats

***First and foremost, this product does contain pistachios but it is not effected by the current pistachio recall!***

  Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is actually like a Friday for me because tomorrow we get the day off for Student Achievement Day—no clue what the significance of the day is, but heck I will take a day off any day,especially lately with the overall busyness of my life. Before I start in on the review, I just wanted to add a dash of something else today! I love getting to know fellow blogger’s and blog readers because we all are so much more than the food and recipes we feature. Since this is a cooking/recipe/food blog, I rarely show an inside look at other aspects of my life. So from here on out I will randomly stick in something about me!

Did you guys know I have my own beading business? It’s not world known or anything, but I do sell locally and at craft fairs during the summer. It’s a lot of fun and another thing that brings me a peace of mind like cooking. I also sell online at Etsy but have not updated in a long time. If you’re at all interested, please let me know!

Peyote Daisy Bracelet(Crystals)





Wildflower Weave (2)

Those are just a few of my goodies that I have made! Lots of work, but tons of fun!

The Good for You Goodie: Cookies

The Company: PistachiOats

The Chew Review: I saw these floating around the blog world and heard outstanding reviews, so I knew I had to chew my own review! I think I have had my share of cookies for a long time—but hey they’re all good for you, so why not? ;-) These cookies are not only healthy, but heart healthy, which is so important to our overall wellbeing! Check out this info from their website:

“PistachiOats™ has absolutely no cholesterol, and more importantly, most of its ingredients are known to reduce cholesterol.  Unlike other cookies with oats, PistachiOats™ delivers the full heart-healthy benefits of oats by combining it with the very heart-friendly pistachio nut, honey, and flaxseed meal.  We’ve added just the right blend of spices and indulgences with health. Break old habits and build new ones.  If you love cookies and sweets, but want to stay healthy, eat the only heart-approved cookie.”

They had me at hello! But would the first bite be as pleasant? We shall see..(the order is according to my favorites:1st=best,etc.)

  • Blueberry PistachiOats



When I looked in the package, I was a bit disappointed at the smaller than average cookie size, but when I pulled one out I learned looks can fool! It was a dense and heavy cookie which is obviously filled with great ingredients—so I bit in annnnd—it was incredible! A chewy, just-baked taste studded with nice size chunks of pistachios and dotted with full blueberries. Could a cookie get any better? I’ve never had pistachios in a cookie before, but I have a feeling it may become a habit! By the way, one serving of PistachiOats=2 cookies! Yes! But wait, did I taste something else? Something sweet, but I couldn’t quite pin it. Once I looked at the ingredients it sealed the deal—there’s pumpkin puree, applesauce, rose water, and vanilla in these babies! PistachiLove! 8-)

  • Dark Chocolate Chip PistachiOats



These were just as wholesome with that same unique sweet taste that is definitely a distinct feature of these cookies. But made better with a hefty amount of dark chocolate, so it’s got a real chocolaty-chocolate taste!! Still chewy, still good for you—score!

  • Original PistachiOats

No picture here guys, had to grab this one on the go and didn’t have a camera. They look the same as the others minus the add ins. Yes this is original flavor, but don’t let that fool you. Although it wasn’t my favorite, I just can’t stop obsessing over the taste of these. The original will be my back up plan when I run out of the rest!

All of the cookies come in handy dandy resealable bags, and cost only $3.99! So head on over to their website and order some(or 10) up today! How can you pass up a cookie that has:

  • 2% the DV of Vitamin C
  • 2% the DV of Calcium
  • 6% the DV of Iron
  • 2 grams of Fiber
  • 3 grams of Protein
  • 3% the DV of Potassium

    I sure couldn’t!

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    Those cookies look delish! I do love pistachios :)