Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good for You Goods: Kim’s Light Bagels

Yes, you read the post title right. Today is not a “Good for You Goodie”, but instead a “Good for You Good”. The difference you ask? On my blog a goodie is a savory or snack type food(cookie, chip, etc.) and a good is a good for you food product(pasta,breads,etc.). Today’s feature could be considered either really depending on what you eat on it, but overall by itself, it’s simply a good.

The Good for You Good: Bagels

The Company: Kim's Light Bagels

The Chew Review: I think something that is created by someone who, in this case is Kim Bensen, and that is fueled by a certain goal obtained (in her case was learning to beat the bondage of food and in the process lose 212! pounds), and then bringing out a great product to the world is a mixture for a superb company! So I was honored to get the chance to try her creation, Kim’s Light Bagels, because unfortunately no where near me sells them.(Which I am going to highly suggest they start!)

From the website:

A year ago friends encouraged me to take to market one of my favorite products – a 110 calorie, high fiber, low fat bagel -- in six yummy flavors. Today we ship Kim’s Light Bagels to all 50 states and are in major grocery store shelves across New England, New York and New Jersey. Our goal? To get out of the shipping business and be in the supermarkets of EVERYONE who wants a tasty, portion controlled, New York style, kettle boiled bagel!”

Bagels can be a carb loaded food that can send your blood sugar for a rollercoaster ride, and in turn leaving you hungry an hour later. However, these bagels are very different. Clocking in at 110 calories(they are a full sized bagel also, not mini!), 4g of fiber, 5g of protein, calcium, thiamin, niacin, iron, riboflavin, and folate all stuffed into these versatile and scrumptious bagels! Plus it doesn’t hurt that they come in 6 flavors(Original, Wheat, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Onion, & Everything), so there’s guaranteed to be one you’ll like! Here’s my lovely stash all thanks to Kim!—>


Now I am not going to do a full-out post on every single bagel, because for one I do not like onion bagels(but my mom said it was fantastic), and two, the flavors are pretty close to a regular bagel which I am sure you have all had. But here’s some snapshots of my favorites!




Top left is the cinnamon bagel looking great all on it’s own! Of course I some microwaved apples and a dollop of vanilla yogurt to sandwich between the two which turned out to be more of a dessert-tasting creation! The cinnamon flavor was outrageously good in this bagel. And I can’t get over the great texture, chewiness, and wholesome overall taste in this line of bagels. Is it just me, or is healthy food no longer dull tasting?!

Top right is the blueberry bagel paired with some peanut butter for the ultimate blend of taste sensations. I could actually taste blueberry in every bite. Not some artificial blueberries either, but real and fresh tasting blueberries people!

Bottom is the wheat paired with some turkey and salsa. I toasted this one, but I found out I like it either cold or toasted! It’s not really your standard wheat taste though, it has somewhat of a hint of sweetness between bites that really makes it a bagel I ate 1 day, okay 4 days in a row! 8-)

The everything bagel and the onion were both tested by my lovely mom and dad who said, “They were both very good,” and when asked if there’s any left the reply was simply, “Nope, they’re all gone.” So you know they were good!

I had been playing with the idea of trying to make my own bagels, maybe some hearty whole wheat ones or something, but now that I discovered these gems, I don’t think I will have to do any work, other than click my mouse on over to buy these. Thanks to Kim and her delicious and nutritious bagels, I can enjoy great and healthy bagels without the time needed to make em’.

Question of the day: What is your favorite topping or way to eat a bagel?

And one last thing…if you are up to the challenge of making your own bagels, here’s a few link to get ya started—>

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