Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Good Find + A Not-So-Good Find!

Hey friends!

I just finished my last day of the semester yesterday! I can hardly believe it. One year of college under my belt before I even turn 18! Speaking of 18, I will be turning into the big “adult” in 11 days—wow! Now just 2 finals left(Friday&Monday), and I will be hittin’ the highway home Wednesday.

BTW, there is still tons of Good for You Goodies scheduled to be featured, but most of them have been delivered to my real home, so once I get there I will again begin chowing down to chew review for you! If you haven’t looked at all the previous post for the on-going feature you can always click on the Good for You Goodies tab on the right--->

So I typically love eating yogurt, although I tend to somewhat float away from it in the winter months. I think it’s in part because it’s cold out and who wants something cold when you can eat soup to warm your soul?! And because I eat so much of it during the summer months as dips, with fruit, etc. that I think I over-do it and get kind of sick of it. But that’s okay with me, because for now there is so many new yogurt flavors that are yummy-sounding and good for you too! Thing is, are they really “delicious” and “creamy” and “irresistible” like they claim. I took on 2 for the test. One is my new fav and the other, well let’s just say it left me feeling like Sherlock Holmes in some odd mystery. Read on..

  • Wal-Mart, oh how I love thee. Yes, they don’t always have the best produce selection (has anyone else noticed their bananas are always extremely green?!), but since I have been living in a town with a Wal-Mart I have kept track of my grocery savings and I’m happy to report it is a significant savings! Not only do I love a lot of their Great Value products, but they are the same (ingredients wise) as name brand products but can save you sometimes over a buck or more! Anyway, I decided to put their yogurt up to the test because ever since my old standby of Dannon Light&Fit did something with their new formula, I no longer like the runny stuff. Wal-Mart’s Great Value yogurt has light options and regular and they come in pretty good sounding flavors! And for .40 for a 6 oz. container, it even beat all the other name brand yogurts in price by about .10!(And most of the other ones were even on sale) I have found a new favorite yogurt and definitely wanted to share. Please let me introduce..


Great Value Light Banana Cream Pie

It’s creamy, it’s dreamy and OH so full of a real tasting banana flavor! No hints of artificialness here. It goes soo great with anything PB too! I actually topped a open-faced PB sandwich with a couple of dollops of this and it worked like a charm. It’s not runny so it didn’t make it soggy. Plus the taste is definitely not too tangy for me and not overly sweet. Just right! I have a whole buncha banana lovin’ in my fridge…you should too! CIMG0116

This next one was not so good & if it were to be on a show I would throw tomatoes at it!



  • Yoplait Thick and Creamy Cinnamon Roll



  • This one left me scratching my head—literally. First off, I’m not against Yoplait in any way..and this yogurt’s name had me drooling. A cinnamon roll in a creamy form? Could it be? Sorry folks, no it can’t. I was like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the mystery of how someone could possibly think this equates to a cinnamon roll. Has anyone else had this experience or what? And I ended up adding my OWN cinnamon to make up for the no cinnamon flavor at all. Despite that fact, I did love the thick and creamy consistency, so I may possibly try another flavor in the thick and creamy line in the future.

Have a wonderful night Bloggies!

What’s your all time favorite yogurt?


Jenny said...

i need that yogurt in my life right now! (the first one, not the second..obv!)

congrats on finishing up your classes.. my last ones are tomororws.. SO EXCITED!! :) and birthday coming up, woo woo!

Laura said...

Yaaay congrats for the end of the semester! Thanks for the review... too bad the walmarts near me are terrible (not even a produce dept) i have bought the generic canned tomatoes and liked them :) Anywho about stevia... i just bought it on tuesday and have just been experimenting with it... i do like it, i dont think it is too sweet or artificial... i personally dont like really sweet so i dont OD the stevia... i would recommend it esp if u can get it from TJs were i got that big one for $6 (much cheaper than a health food store) anywho fill me in on ur pancakes when u get back lol im always looking for ideas haha... goodnight girlie!

Tina said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment at my blog. And congrats on completing a year of college, good for you!! I also love yoghurt, right now I'm crazy about plain soy yoghurt with various fruits mixed in to it. The best is probably having it with a chopped apple, that adds sweetness to the yoghurt and makes it SO good!!

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