Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good for You Goodies: Sensible Foods

Well we did end up with about seven or so inches of snow. And on top of that the winds were blowing the snow around like crazy so they cancelled some classes, the mall closed early, and a plethora of other things were closed as well. So it was a nice not fun March(almost April)blizzard. Luckily I had plenty of homework and things to keep me entertained inside, although I much rather prefer enjoying the sunshine and being outside—but you just do what you gotta do right?? On to the goodies of they day!

Good for You Goodies: Variety of Dried Fruits/Vegetables, Dried Fruit Blends & Soy Nuts!

The Company: Sensible Foods

The Chew Review: I am a huge fan (as I’ve mentioned before) of dried fruit—I love it in yogurt, other dishes, and just a random handful here and there.The only brand I had previously tried of dried fruit(which was my main go-to)was the Brothers All Natural(they’ll be featured soon too!), so upon receiving a box from Sensible Foods filled with a variety of super looking good stuff definitely got me excited! Check-check-check it out--->CIMG0151 From their website, “We are dedicated to bringing you all of the natural goodness and flavor of fresh fruit and vegetables year-round. Our unique Crunch Dried ® process removes the water while maintaining the products cell structure, nutritional value and intensifying its natural flavor.” Plus each bag is:

  • Fat Free, 100% Natural, Gluten Free and GMO Free
  • Enzymatically Intact
  • Equal to 1/2 Cup Fresh Fruit
  • 1 Daily Fruit-Vegetable Serving
  • An incredible shelf life of over one year!

    They had me at the beginning! Plus I have never ever tried dried vegetables, so you better believe I dug in.

    • 100% Organic Sweet Corn, Sea Salt and Nothing Else! ™

    CIMG0215 CIMG0216






    This was a total taste bud surprise! It looked exactly like fresh corn, and it tasted like corn as well!(Big surprise there, huh?) But it has an awesome and satisfying crunch with a hint of lingering sweetness that you don’t get so much of out of canned corn or cooked corn. I am guessing it loses its flavor the more processes it goes through. So as far a corn goes, I am on the freeze dried corn bandwagon! Is there such a bandwagon ha ha?

    • Organic Crunch Dried ® Roasted Soy Nuts
      Contains: Organic Roasted Soy Beans, Soy Bean Oil, Sea Salt and Nothing Else! ™

    CIMG0172 CIMG0173

    I am a self-proclaimed soy fan, but I had not tried soy nuts before this. So thank you Sensible Foods for the opportunity! Now I tote em’ around to eat during classes! I loved their taste which was a mix of a sunflower seed taste and a peanut taste. If you haven’t tried soy nuts before, but are looking for a new snack to tide you over, you should try them!

    • 100% Organic Cherry Berry
      Contains: 100% Organic mix of Cherries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Apples and Nothing Else! ™


  • CIMG0201

    This is one heck of a mix. Not only are the flavor combos great together, there’s no ‘missing’ ingredients(as in it says there’s apples, but somehow they forgot to make an appearance). Everything listed for the fruit is also in the bag as you can tell from my handful. It tasted great on yogurt by the way!

    • Orchard Blend:
      A mouth-watering combination of Apples, Peaches, Apricots and Nothing Else! ™



    I personally don’t like apricots by themselves, but somehow in this combo(and maybe because the “dried” flavor is slightly different than fresh), it wasn’t half bad! Another unique, but tasty mix.

    And unfortunately no pictures of the last two flavors, but just use your imagination because I ran outta time!!

    • Tropical Blend:
      An exotic blend of Apples, Pineapples, Mangos, Bananas and Nothing Else! ™

    This one really does deserve a picture! It brought me to some tropical island with the summery and fruity taste. Loved it—my favorite of the bunch!

    • 100% Organic Apple Harvest
      Contains: 100% Organic Apples and Nothing Else! ™

    Basically just dried apples here, although they were great to say the least! What I noticed overall about this brand is they kept the sweetness to a edible level, not overly sweet like some that are coated in sugar. Also the pieces of dried fruit are very small vs. some that are slices or reminiscent to a chip. If you’re in the market for some new dried fruit, give Sensible Foods a shot! You can buy em’ right from there website. Happy hump day!

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