Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Website Wednesday

I am enjoying my relaxing morning before classes start at noon. I like my Wednesday's specifically for this reason! :-] Every other day it's a 10 am class, which isn't early, but I do like to take my time some mornings. Okay, all morning if I had a choice ha ha. Yesterday we got a heat wave! It was 25 degrees ABOVE zero. I was out walking and soaking up the little sun that did peek out. I think I am seriously lacking on vitamin D from no sun. So anyway, today is supposed to be another warm one, and I am actually watching the sun come out while typing away on my laptop. That brings me to another topic; I think I am on the computer a lot. Does anyone else ever feel like that!? But it is not all a bad thing; I have found many websites I visit daily and I thought today would be the perfect day to share them. Please check them out if you get time!

I go here when I need inspiration for a cake to make--TONS of ideas!

What about user reviews on a slew of restaurants across the globe? I say yum!

This site literally has all fun stuff (my fav is the fun kitchen gadgets of course)!

If you are traveling, or just curious about the healthy restaurant options in your town, go here--

Let me know your favorites please! :-]

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