Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Soldier Sunday

Today's post has nothing to do with food, it pertains to something more important to me[yes more important than my everlasting love to cooking]. Awhile back around Christmas time, I did a post showing how I adopted a soldier and sent a giant box of baked goodies over to him and his fellow soldiers in Iraq. When I sent the package, I had a jolt of excitement when I realized he might possibly write back to me! [Kind of like a soldier pen pal of sorts] But of course I didn't expect him to, seeming how he is fighting a war and I am sure a letter back wasn't on the top of his to do list. So I was so surprised when I received a letter back, and it was two whole pages long! He thanked me numerous times for the cookies and said they brought back a little taste of home, which was my intentional goal in the first place! =] He said he was writing with a flashlight and soon had to go off to work again, but he does want to keep in touch via snail mail. He explained that he is actually part of the marine branch in the navy and that he appreciates all my prayers and thank-yous, although he claims he's just over there doing his job. I beg to differ; he is risking his life for all of us Americans back home, and spending his days, months, and years to fight in other countries so that we can have freedom in ours. I couldn't express my gratitude to him enough, and that's only one soldier! Imagine getting a group together to support a bunch?! An idea popped into my head randomly[like usual ha ha], and I thought why not get together some fellow baking/cooking bloggies and even if your not a cook/baker, you can still contribute! We can all adopt soldiers and send them goodies, care packages, etc. and then blog about it. Please do let me know if your interested, I am still trying to come up with some kind of group name, so don't feel shy to shout out some ideas. If we can't bring em' home, let's bring home to them!!! Amen =]

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