Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Luscious Loaf

Sometimes store-bought bread just won't do it when you want to quiet a carb craving. So that's when you have to whip out the recipe books and make your own! But sometimes this craving can be so intense, that you don't have time to knead, let dough rise, or dig out the big bread maker from storage. To the rescue--->this wonderful & easy English Muffin Bread. If your a fan of English muffins, then no doubt you will like this similar bread, possibly even better! And another good thing is you can whip this up in a flash! It's a mix and pour method versus a type that you need to flour a surface, knead, clean up, etc. So don't wait any longer;Click Here For the Recipe. From trial and error, this is the best muffin bread recipe my family could find, stemming from my dad's mishap English muffin bread that turned into a brick. So that of course created a competition of who could find the recipe that actually worked. We all stood around the oven as I carefully pulled the bread out and sliced it. Needless to say I won the competition--again. =)

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