Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am a Daring Baker!

Today is another day gone by and I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! I am definitely feeling the pull of Spring semester vs. my relaxed life at home during Christmas break. I just can't wait till weekends so I can make my way into the kitchen for a date with my spatula and some special recipes! I just wanted to announce that I am now and official member of the Daring Bakers! I can't get over how cool I think this concept is. Fellow bloggers join together and bake a recipe, each giving it their own flair of creativity. Then we all post on our blogs about our experiences and give tips, chat, etc. It's a giant baking community! It really is for the daring I might add, because so far none of the items posted for challenges would have been something I would venture to on my own. Some of the things I have never even heard of! But it is always a little exciting to jump out of your comfort zone! I mean, how else would we learn? So stay tuned for the first challenge I participated in... and I encourage all fellow bakers to head on over to and email the hosts to become a member!

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