Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Food in the News

Good morning all. I had a nice and relaxing morning so far. "So far" being the key words just because I have half a morning to go that includes giving a pretend eulogy in my public speaking class--kind of odd to say the least. Anyhoo, I was reading my local newspaper this morning and came upon 2 articles about..food! So I thought I would quickly share a little summary of each.
[First] off, as we all know the beloved peanut butter has been getting the cold sholder lately due to the salmonella outbreak craze. According the MN officials, at least one death is confirmed due to this and seven other infections are thought to be a effect of this. Almost 500 people so far have been sickened by this outbreak--yikes! Also production at the Peanut Corp. of America has been shutdown. Will peanut butter ever make a comeback? Let's hope so!
The [second] article is more of a satire one, but I think it still gets a serious point across. First off, I am totally oppposed to wasting food. It really irks me when people take more than they can eat and then can justify just throwing into the trash and forget about it. When I very rarely do throw food away, it's usually because it's rotten or no longer in an edible state. Well this guy (Tom Purcell) claims that the food police that are in Britain should and maybe are making there way over to the US. What they do is send contractors door to door to teach citizens how to manage their leftovers. The Brit gov. claims 1/3 of the food bought is trashed. That's bad not only because it's wasteful, but so many fossil fuels, and work goes into getting that food to your table in the first place. These "food champions" are teaching people simple ways to shop better, eat less and manage leftovers in a resourceful way. So shoud these people be making there way over to the US? Well if people continue to be wasteful, I would welcome them to my town! After all, if America keeps wasting in this already bad economy, will things ever get better? Hmm.. just a bit of news to keep you thinking for the day!
Have a super Tuesday!

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