Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cookie Countdown [Day 5]

I searched many different websites to try and find a perfect molasses cookie to make an appearance on my Christmas platters. After filing through about 25 different ones, I ended up picking two and then narrowed it down to the one on The Pioneer Woman blog website. Hers had a dash of cardamom in them which I couldn't pass up. Also I am one to judge by pictures, and I wanted a fluffy cookie that had a irresistible crackle on top. Her's looked just like the one I was searching for! So I did everything like the recipe instructed, taking extra special care to watch them crack in the oven so I could take them out after a minute, and I ended up with flat cookies. The only thing I can think of that would have affected this is that my baking soda possibly could have been a bit old. (Next time I am opening a new box) Needless to say, these cookies were not a failure, my dad claimed they were the best molasses cookie he ever had tasted. So I will work on getting them to look nice and puffy, but in the meantime these cookies did make their way into my recipe book. Thanks Pioneer Woman!!
Get her recipe here ---> Pioneer Woman's Recipe

My cookies may have turned out flat, but they're not flat on taste!

Crispy on the outside, and chewy in the inside.

Just like a real molasses cookie should be!

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