Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Peek Inside

A peek inside what you ask? The Pinch of This, Dash of That fridge and freezer of course! I always like looking in other peoples fridge, because I think it tells a lot about who you are, hence the quote, “You are what you eat!”. I definitely think mine is a pretty good representation of me! Take a quiz here to find out what the contents of your fridge says about you—mine says I am a somewhat adventurous eater, which I can be sometimes, but I’ll let you be the judge….

Starting in the freezer..


Well, let’s see..there’s a few bags of frozen vegetables, grilled tilapia fillets, a flatbread pizza, Parmesan Bocas, my ice cream maker canister, a box of vitamuffins and vitabrownies, a box of Holey Donuts, and in the Ziploc bags are leftover baked goodies and my yummy breadsticks.


Freezer door…

Boca crumbles, Heart Thrive cookies, Kim’s Light bagels,and some frozen No Pudge Fudge brownies.

Onto the refrigerator..


Too much for one person? Nah! :-) Starting on the top shelf is a major stockpile of Egg Beaters—they were marked down to $1.50 for the huge cartons which usually run close to $5!! Some Whipped Brown Sugar Cream Cheese, my ice cream mixture prepping for the maker, a 1/2 empty jar of baby food(for baking), some canned SF fruit cocktail, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spread, some steamed baby carrots, and a pepper/onion stir-fry blend used in my omelets. Second shelf: KETCHUP!, some SF lemonade, V8 smoothie juice, Jell-o Rice Pudding, baked beans, Mott’s SF applesauce, banana peppers, pickles, canned crab, stewed tomatoes, and a pitcher of Kool-aid. Bottom shelf: Garden onions, spinach, lettuce, and iceberg mix, more eggbeaters, acorn, and butternut squash.

Refrigerator door:


8th Continent Light Vanilla Soymilk, Skim Milk, SF Strawberry preserves, Heinz FF Chicken Gravy, FF Mayo, Dijionaise Mustard, Regular Yellow Mustard, SF Ketchup, Unsweetened Almond Breeze, Walden Farms Syrup, Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, FF Italian Dressing.

Bottom drawers:


Fresh zucchini, yellow squash, baby carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, cherries, strawberries, and kiwis.

And that’s all for today folks!

What kind of things are your fridge staples?

p.s. Won’t be back till Friday—see ya then! :-)


Janetha said...

fun post! i also have that enormous box of vitas, yum yum!

Healthy Beach Bum said...

Love that soymilk! I love regular milk, but soymilk just tastes like a dessert. Love this ! <3

tinyirishdancer said...

Wow! What a neat post. My own fridge staples? Vanilla almond milk, pink lady apples, fromage d'affinois cheese, and ICE CREAM!

(Hee. See that coming? =P)

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

parm bocas are my favorite :D

Krista said...

You can freeze the egg beaters so that they last longer...did you know that? Unless you plan to use them up quick, of course!!!

There's always almond breeze in my fridge along with a multitude of condiments and jams!

Erica said...

Very cool post. Love the vita products in the freezer- yum yum! Ummm my fridge staples: Eggs, skim milk, more fresh fruits and vegetables than you could imagine ;), frozen fruits and vegetables, frozen fish, frozen shrimp, greek yogurt, salsa....

Kelly said...

My fridge is always stuffed to the gills. I always have a ton of condiments (i.e. fish sauce, mustards, relishes, etc.), some kind of non-dairy milk for smoothies, eggs, tons of random veggies, and cheese.

Some how I missed your earlier post until now so I will e-mail you my address.

She-Fit said...

haha. I love this post! Great foods. I love boca crumbs! ! !

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's what my fridge is gonna be like even in college!
Fridge staples: greek yogurt, any kind of seasonal fruits, almond milk, kimchi, 5-6 cheeses, eggs, any kinds of greens!

Erica said...

hmmm fav kind of fish- Halibut!

Krista said...

In regards to the polenta....I like to make it a bit soupier and use it as a base for stews. That's mostly how we ate it growing up. Another fave of mine is to grill it so it's crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Anonymous said...

hahah DEFINITELY not too much for one person. I looove mixing soy milk with regular milk! Do you do that too?? :) I heart soy milk too!

You've reminded me that i'm in need of an ice-cream maker! That's definitely going on my list to buy after i move at the end of this month! :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend Cas!

Kim said...

I just stumbled across your blog and it is adorable! Love the picture with the apron in the header. Very creative. My fridge is so packed right now. I just had a big huge binge trip at the grocery.

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