Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Wonderfully Wild Day

  If you happened to notice, I was MIA yesterday, but for good reason! My mom came down to visit me and since her birthday is in 2 weeks, I decided to plan a Saturday birthday extravaganza a little early since we won’t be together on her actual birthday. We had a total blast together!(we usually do!)

First Stop: Animal Land


Feeding goats is always fun!






Foxy Cleopatra!






Mom and her new man!






That bear looked hungry—eek!






How’d you like to kiss those lips?!






Mr. Camel followed us to the other side.







We blew each other kisses!






Bambi and friends!






Oh, how I would love a jacket like that—fake of course =)




Second Stop: My mom and I have never really done a super swanky fine dining restaurant, so I knew it would turn out special! I surprised her by taking her to a local Italian place(can’t give names for safety of course!), and we both ordered delicious food. Fresh baked bread, mixed salads, I got Chicken Cacciatore which was fab! It was a chicken breast, roasted potatoes and vegetables all smothered in a wonderful basil infused marinara sauce. Mom got the Chicken Marsala pasta dish which looked and smelled equally delish! It was such a swanky place, and the waitress was kind of hawk like always filling glasses, etc., so I didn’t want to take pictures. However, mom did happen to snap a picture of me because she insisted I matched the decor perfectly!!


We had a beyond great day—here’s to 42+ more years of happiness—love you mom!


How was your weekend? Anything fun happen?


katecooks said...

aw what a fun day with your mom! i love a good italian meal -- sounds delicious!

Jenny said...

you and your mom are the cutest things ever! i'm glad you were able to enjoy some birthday celebrations together :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! So many cute pictures that made me smile with glee! I love the last pic of you and your mom...:D

Erica said...

awwwww- so fun! I bet your mom was touched that you planned a special day for her. Happy birthday to su mama!

Krista said...

What a great way to treat your Mom!
Love the animals...reminds me of the zoo we just went to!

Bec said...

sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your moms birthday!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

aww thats so nice that your mom came down to surprise you!
looks like you had fun at the zoo!

Anonymous said...

Aww cute pictures


brandi said...

aw, what a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! I went to the zoo on Thursday :) No camels, though, lol. Animals make me so happy!

That Italian restaurant sounds great - glad everything turned out super special for your momma.