Monday, August 3, 2009

Fruit Filled Monday

Happy Monday all! Today I figured would be a good day to post this article from Woman’s World magazine about what your favorite fruit says about your personality! Kind of a “start your week in the know” post, a little light and fun to get you through whatever the beginning of the week brings your way! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s delish and totally customizable meal!

What Does Your Favorite Fruit Say About You?

 Mangoes: You’re a peaceful nurturer!

Craving the mango’s consistently smooth texture reveals you seek harmony and are diplomatic enough to resolve conflict with ease. It is this quiet strength that makes you as polite as you are polished. You sport a philosophical streak that allows you to be equal parts objective adviser and supportive friend. You may be enviably serene. but you’re also as charming as the mango is sweet!

 Grapes: You’re an independent go-getter!

A bite-sized fruit that you can eat on the go—and have as much or as little as you want—grapes really appeal to someone who dictates her own pace in life. Detail-oriented and ambitious, you are highly efficient, quickly forging ahead with your five-year plan, be it personal or professional. Always prepared and ever mindful of the future, you live life on your own terms and succeed precisely because of such determination.

 Peach and Nectarines: You’re an energetic people person!

Super juicy and super-messy, these mouthwatering fruits appeal to you because your unafraid of getting a little messy yourself. Comfortable with ambiguity and a certain lack of formality, you are the life of the party, easily able to step outside the box of tradition and put your own memorable mark on things. Witty, dynamic, and full of life, you give 100% of yourself to anything you do and anyone who might need you.

 Watermelon: You’re an open-minded thinker!

With its crisp texture and burst of sweet juices, watermelon stimulates the senses like few other fruits. Your craving for it, therefore, reveals your inquisitive, searching nature. Smart and a bit competitive, you are a true leader, open to different thoughts and ways of doing things. As focused as you are, you’re also completely relaxed—a temperament that stems from your confidence about who you are and where you’re going.

 Pineapple: You’re an adventurous chameleon!

Sweet, tart, acidic—a pineapple is many things and therefore attracts a complex individual. As contemplative as you are thrill-seeking and as reflective as you are outgoing, you have as many facets to your personality as a pineapple has flavors. You don’t recognize boundaries, nor do you acknowledge the word ‘compromise’. You seek out adventure everywhere you go for you, the more choices you have in life, the more in control you feel.

What is your fruit personality? Does it fit you?

My all-time favorite fruit is a cherry, and it wasn’t featured, but out of these my top fruit would be a grape, and I think it describes me quite well!


Jenny said...

yay i'm an open minded thinker :) i always knew i loved watermelon ;)

Krista said...

I love mango and watermelon! I am open minded, but I don't think I'm very good at resolving conflicts with ease!!!!

janetha said...

haha this is rad. i am a peach! and today is national watermelon day!

Sophia said...

I'm gonna make another category. My fav food is durian, which is that stinky spiky scary thing. Which just basically sums up me. lol!

Healthy Beach Bum said...

LOL i'm a grape/watermelon.. how fun! I love this girly <3

Anonymous said...

My favourite fruits are berries, I wonder what that says about me ;-)


Erica said...

What a cute article! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite fruit...that would be like picking a favorite child for me! Maybe papaya? But on a day to day basis I NEED apples!

She-Fit said...

Love this post! Watermelon is my favorite and it totally fits my personality. Weird!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

haha I love my pineapple, but I don't think I am all too adventurous.

Anonymous said... fave of those is a peach, but I don't fit that at all! I would never define myself as a people person or the life of the party, lol. I'm much more of a grape.