Saturday, August 15, 2009

I’m Back..With Food of Course!

Wow; what a fun little jaunt to Minneapolis—just what I needed before I get dragged down by the college life in just a short week! I have a lot of stuff to share, so I will keep the chat to a minimum and the pictures to the max! Hope you enjoy my recap as much as I enjoyed my time :-)

We (my lovely grandma and I) started out Wednesday morning and made the four hour drive to the Mall of America (check out my last trip to MOA here.) Once we arrived, I was more than ready to scour the stores, but first I needed to quell my growling belly! What did I choose amidst millions of choices? Something that I love, but don’t have in my area of course!  


I chose the new Freshside Grille meal from Long John Silver's. It came with fresh grilled tilapia, half of a corn on the cob, and a vegetable blend that was lightly seasoned. It was a nice meal that didn’t weigh you down to shop, so light in fact that I split a broccoli stuffed baked potato from The Steak and Potato restaurant with my grandma. I love food courts because then you can create endless meals. What’s your favorite food court option?

Shopped, shopped, and shopped some more—I think we did a tad of retail damage!


Thursday we woke up and I had a anticipated mission—my very first trip to Trader Joe’s; exciting right?!


Minnesota only has 4 in the metro area. I was anxious to see if all the good vibes TJ’s gets was true—it was amazing! Cheap, variety, and good food—everything a foodie could ask for under one roof! Obviously I bought some good stuff.


Lots of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze (it’s 1/2 the price there vs. what I pay here!), more No Pudge Fudge brownie mix (review here), some new bars, mini vanilla meringues, some Garden Patch Veggie soup, also not pictured some Chicken-less BBQ Pulled Chicken and a bag of TJ’s Kettle Corn.




Some TJ’s mini cinnamon raisin bagels and mini original bagels. Then some of their heavenly looking French rolls!


Some European style Mocha coffee flavored yogurt. (Yes mom I bought you one for when you come visit!)

And I was uber excited to find this..


SUSHI!! If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile I am sure you remember my complaints about never being able to try this because it is no where near me! Verdict? I am in love, so looks like I will have to learn to make my own!


And of course a rockin’ TJ’s reusable bag—for 0.99!

I have another surprise place I went on this trip too, so stay tuned for tomorrow. Also tomorrow: food reviews. :-)


Erica said...

What a fun trip! I have only been to MOA one time and was blown away. Glad you got so much good stuff.. hmm fav food court?? I haven't been in forever!

Krista said...

What a successful looking shopping trip! YAY! TJ's is 4hrs away from me, too. Boo!

tinyirishdancer said...

My gosh. You're a girl after my own heart.

When I lived in Kansas as a little girl, I remember LJS used to be EVERYWHERE. It was a huge favorite in my family - especially the hush puppies. Mhmm mhmm gooood.

But when we moved to Cali, I was devastated to learn that the nearest one was 50+ miles away! Until last weekend, actually. A new store JUST opened about 10 minutes away from my house. And it tastes just as good as I remember it. =]

So anywho. That's my spiel about LJS. I'm off to do some shopping at TJ's, now! I'll keep an eye out for those bagels - yum!

Jenny said...

ahhh what a fab trip!! complete with fine eats and fun :) the perfect way to end your summer! i can't believe your starting school in a week!

enjoy the rest of your day my love :)

Janetha said...

welcome back! ahh.. i hate food courts. i guess subway is usually the only option. yaaaay for TJs! i wish i had one here! i have that same bag :)

Healthy Beach Bum said...

that mocha coffee yogurt looks SO good. What a great find!!! That makes me want to go shopping ;) Glad you had a great trip girly! I've never been to a TJ's either :(

Anonymous said...

Ah, that must have been a fun trip! You are no longer a TJ virgin! Congrats! Aint TJs awesome? Hee hee hee...
I don't like food courts. But if I have to eat there, I'll just pick a burger, or some sort of wrap or sandwich. You can't really screw that up much!