Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Pinch of This, and a Dash of That Halloween Bash

Happy Halloween 2009 all! I was just thinking how fun it would be to have a blogger Halloween bash—great friends, food, and of course some ghoulish fun would all make October 31st just a bit sweeter than all the candy that accumulates, don’t you think?

But since we are all scattered across the globe on this spooky day, I figured I’d invite you to a little ‘virtual’ Halloween bash.

Upon knocking at my door and saying, “Trick or treat,” I would hand you one of the following..that is if I haven’t eaten them all myself! =)


Pumpkin Pie Candy Corn—found at Target


1 lb of Warheads candy in a Spongebob Frankenstein treat caddy.

Or I might even possibly be handing out some of these..

Candy Corn Cookies

Monster Mash Cookies

What will I be dressed up as?

Well one thing—you’ll want to dress warm, because this is how the weather is currently:


Here’s what I would be dressed up as..

(disclaimer: this is not me)

And then once the fun is done, and Halloween is a thing of the’s some ideas for your leftover candy!

Homemade Flavored Drinks

Add Jolly Ranchers or any fruit flavored candy to seltzer to make  bubbly infused fruit sips!

Make Hot Chocolate With Real Chocolate

Melt a 1 oz. mini chocolate bar into a mug of milk, making sure to stir frequently. It's especially tasty with rich chocolates such Dove miniatures.

Sweeten Your Choice

Add some excitement to pork chops by adding a Pixie Sticks glaze. Simply combine red or white wine, vinegar, Pixie Sticks and salt. Try adding Smarties or Red Hots to BBQ for a homemade chipotle sauce.

Make Movie Night Sweeter with Ice Cream Toppers

M&Ms and gummy bears make a great toppings for ice cream sundaes. You can also mix them directly into your ice cream. And don't forget adding some mixed candy to your blended ice cream drinks.

Brownie Blends

Simply stir chopped candy directly into brownie batter. You can also sprinkle it as a topping or use it as a garnish for brownie sundaes.

Secret Treasure Cookies

Cut cookie dough (homemade or store-bought) into 12 slices, bring it to room temperature and then mold each slice around individual-size candies before baking.

Freeze & Forget It!

Place wrapped candy in a freezer bag and throw it in the freezer for later. Candy stored this way will last for up to a year. When you're ready to use, thaw at room temperature (the whitish bloom' that develops on chocolate candy when it freezes will go away after it thaws).
The same goes for cookies - which will keep for six months in the freezer when placed between sheets of freezer paper and stored in a plastic container. Keep the cookies between their wrappers for 10 to 15 minutes when thawing.

Make a Batch of Candy Coated Popcorn

Simply melt any type of leftover Halloween candy and use it as a glaze to coat popcorn (microwave or air-popped) in a large bowl. The key is to make sure the popcorn has no butter or salt (or as little as possible). Spread the glazed popcorn on a cookie sheet to dry, and voila: candy coated popcorn. Even better with nuts.

Try a New Recipe: Apple Candy Bar Salad

You'll need:

  • a few Granny Smith apples
  • a bunch of candy bars (e.g., Snickers, Baby Ruth or 3 Musketeers)
  • Cool Whip

Cut the apples and candy bars into small pieces and mix them with thawed Cool Whip. If the candy is too mushy to cut, put it in the fridge for a few hours before cutting. Serve.

Brought to you by BakeSpace

Have a Bootiful day!


VeggieGirl said...


CCV said...

lol love the cupcake!!

Erica said...

So many great ideas in this post! That candy corn sounds rocking and I want one of those monster mash cookies. That costume is AMAZING! I wish I was creative enough to make something like that!! Happy Halloween chicky

Jenny said...

that candy corn SCREAMS fall.. yum :) and you would make such a precious little cupcake!

have a great day, pumpkin :)

Krista said...

Great post! The cookies look wonderful, but NOT the snow! YIKES!

Kim said...

What a fun post and I really LOVE the cupcake costume!! I saw a girl wearing one at TGIF the other day and it was so cute. Love the ideas for the leftover candy. I wanna try making a candy cake, if I get around to it.

kojojojo said...

nice halloween

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