Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good for You Goodies: Glow Gluten Free Cookies

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If you are a newer visitor to my blog, you might not recall hearing about my Good for You Goodies feature. It was created by me in an attempt to highlight great companies that make tasty goodies that are both good tasting, and good for your well-being. All companies that qualified for this feature donated products that I review. I haven’t done a feature for a long time, just because I was a little too busy this summer with moving and such, but expect a few new Good for You Goodies posts in the near future. (p.s. There will be a feature page posted on my blog so you can access all reviews soon!)

The Company: Glow Gluten Free 

The Products: 4 flavors of gluten-free cookies

My Chew Review: When browsing the web, sometimes I will stumble upon a company’s website that has a food I am dying to try—this was one of those times! I mean who doesn’t like cookies? And it was even better that all four flavors are all natural, preservative free, gluten free, trans fat free, and casein free. I like when I can feel a bit better about eating cookies! =) Then I recalled a time when I had tried some not so stellar gluten free cookies—but I figured every cookie deserves a chance, so I was pleased when the wonderful Jill agreed to send some cookies for me to sample. I had high hopes after visiting the website and seeing the drool-worthy photos. Was I let down by these fab four? Read on to find out! But first a little rundown on this company:

Baking entrepreneur and celiac disease expert, Jill Brack, has cooked up a mouth-watering collection of gluten free cookies full of everything that has been missing in the marketplace. Her new line of Glow Gluten Free cookies will surprise even the most discerning palates: rich Double Chocolate; crisp and spicy Gingersnap; cinnamon sugary Snickerdoodle and, always a best seller, the old fashioned Chocolate Chip. And in case all of these delectable flavors make you forget, yes, they’re all gluten free. “It takes one to bake one,” says Brack, who has been diagnosed with celiac disease for many years. “Eating gluten free doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. I created Glow Gluten Free cookies to put fun and delicious flavor into snacking gluten free. People tell me they crave these cookies whether they are gluten free or not.”



Snicker Doodle Cookies

image Since I am not a giant fan of chocolate I have always leaned more towards being a sugar, snickerdoodle, molasses type cookie girl. So of course I had to dig into this flavor first! CIMG0691

What I thought:

Just like a fresh-baked snickerdoodle that I would have made. Not overly sweet, but just the right amount of goodness! Crunchy and crumbly at its’ finest! Great on top of a fruit and yogurt parfait—made it 10 times better!



Gingersnap Cookies



What I Thought:

I had very high standards for this gingersnap. I find it hard to compete with the chewy ones I bake around Christmas. But, every cookie deserves a chance, and I am so glad they do! Can you see the sugar crystals just gleaming on that cookie? And the crinkles made it all the more appealing. This is definitely my new go to gingersnap cookie for when I don’t have time to whip up my own.(This is also a crunchy cookie, as are all of the Glow cookies) Did I mention I am astounded these cookies are gluten-free and still so delicious?!


Chocolate Chip Cookies


What I Thought: CIMG0782

Okay, so in all reality, how many different brands and variations of chocolate chip cookies has the average person tried? Lets just say a lot. So needless to say, each chocolate chip cookie needs to have something memorable about it to be marked as a “good cookie”. I guarantee this variation on a chocolate chip cookie will please anyone in your family who is a Chip’s Ahoy fan! I used to love Chip’s Ahoy, and this cookie brought back chocolaty (albeit healthier) memories! Cheers to that—with a cold glass of milk of course! ;-)


Double Chocolate Cookies


What I Thought:CIMG0781

Like I said before, I am not a giant chocolate fan, but I do enjoy an occasional chocolate cookie or a few chocolate candies. This cookie would be perfect for brownie lovers because it had that same deep richness of a typical brownie, without the dense chewiness of course. So if you need a serious chocolate fix, I found your match!

Overall, all of the cookies were delicious. I really have no gripes about them, other than I would have liked a chewy cookie for maybe one of the flavors—but like I said, they are great dipped in milk, crumbled over yogurt, or just a snack.

Thanks again Jill—what a great company!

Get your own Glow Cookies HERE!


brandi said...

those cookies sound great! they make all my favorite flavors :)

Erica said...

Good review! I think its wonderful that there are so many more gluten free options. The cookies look sizeable which I like (who wants a tiny cookie??).

Krista said...

I've never heard of that brand before. They all look good, though!

Kim said...

Interesting that they use garbanzo flour instead of rice flour. My son is allergic to wheat, but not a celiac. Most gluten free products start with rice flour. As a rule, the gluten free products tend to be crumbly and not chewy. Sounds like these are a good choice.

Stacey said...

Thanks for posting this review! I've never heard of the company and I'm definitely going to look into getting some of those cookies.

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

How freakin cute are you in your header photo???????? :D

Jenny said...

I am totally channeling the cookie monster right now -- me want cookie!

Shannon, Tropical Eats said...

oh my gosh the cookie monster would so love you right now :) The double chocolate ones have got some serious chocolate mania going on in them! Love the reviews!!!

Mini Baker said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am hoping my business will one day be ship-able long distances, but for now, I refuse to deliver anything that isn't baked the same day! If you come to California I'd love to bake for you :)
-Mini Baker

Sophia said...

They sound GREAT! I'll grab them over larabars any day! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gotta love cookies! I could easily eat one of each right now!