Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kitchen Fairy Debut

Good Saturday all! I don’t know if all of you wanted the weekend to get here—but I sure did! Why? Because I am a college student and I need to recoup got hair extensions put in today!(picture bottom of post) 12 inches of hair instantly? Yes please! Plus this Sunday I have a baking/cooking day planned!

Today I just wanted to share a collection that I have been wanting to start forever, and my mom is kicking off my new collection! I once saw these on a vacation to Florida, and knew with my love of cooking, it would be the perfect collection, since all I currently collect is Spongebob stuff. My mom surprised me with not 1, but 4 pieces to start.

Kitchen Fairies are the cutest little things, and all of them revolve around some type of food! There is a gazillion different ones from different years and collections. When searching for different fairies, it can get a bit overwhelming because I want em’ all! Maybe eventually =)

By the way, this and this site show a nice variety of them.

Here’s the ones I have: 


“My Little Sweet Pea”

This collectible Kitchen Fairiy is the perfect gift for the sweet pea in your life. Tucked comfortably inside an open pea pod, the My Little Sweet Pea Kitchen Fairy is an absolute darling. With one thumb stuck in her mouth, she is about to drift into a deep and peaceful slumber.


“Little Cherry Fairy”

This Kitchen Fairy playfully sits in a small bowl overflowing with ruby red cherries. She kicks up her chubby little feet with glee as she holds up a single cherry, ready to eat it. Life can be like a bowl of cherries with the Little Cherry Kitchen Fairy around!


“Cupcake Fairy”

The Cupcake Kitchen Fairy is as sweet as the cupcake upon which she sits. She looks quite relaxed as she reclines on this classic dessert with sprinkles and pink icing. Her rosebud mouth is formed into a tiny smile and her blushing cheeks match the cupcake’s icing. A sweet treat indeed, the Cupcake Kitchen Fairy measures 4 ½” tall.


“Funnel Cake Fairy”

Funnel cake is definitely one of the best things about a country fair! And it looks like the Funnel Cake Kitchen Fairy has hers. Leaning over a fresh funnel cake, she eagerly sprinkles powdered sugar onto her treat, licking her lips with anticipation. She wears a blue and white apron over her white shirt and red pants. Her dark brown hair is up in pigtails, and a checkered cloth is tucked in the back of her apron.

Thanks again Mom for a start to a great collection!

What do you collect?


Hair extensions!!!





I think I’ll love long hair for the winter!


Jenny said...

ahhh obsessed with the hair girl!!!!! you look amazing :)!

VeggieGirl said...

So adorable!! I collect soooo many things - snow globes, keychains, teapots/tea cups, postcards... the list goes on :-D

LOVE the 'do!

Stacey said...

Those kitchen fairies are insanely cute!!
I love the hair! You look gorgeous with short hair and long hair! I would probably look like a hot mess with short hair haha.

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Thank you all for your comments on my hair! :-)

Krista said...

The fairies are super cute and I LOVE your extensions!!!

Erica said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh! They look awesome!!

Anonymous said...

AWWW PRETTY!!! Love it, girl! Though I think you'll still look gorgeous bald, you've just got that flair!

Kim said...

Your hair looks great both ways, but I LOVE the extensions. The kitchen fairies are adorable, I've never seen them before.