Saturday, September 12, 2009

KERF Interview Debut!


If you’re a member of the blog world, and possibly even if you’re not, odds are you’ve heard of Kath Eats Real Food. If not, head there as soon as you read this post!

I was so happy ecstatic to be able to interview the wonderful Kath herself via phone yesterday! It is for my Media Writing class—we had to interview someone with similar interests (blogging), and right away Kath came to mind. So glad she graciously agreed to take a few minutes to answer my questions. Enjoy!

Blogger Interview: KERF
By: CaSaundra Casillo   

  When most people here the word blogging, they can conjure up many different ideas. However, when you pay a visit to KERF blog, it’s all about real food. Kath Eats Real Food is a blog started by Kath herself, dedicated to her love of real food, healthy living, and sharing with others that an overall healthy diet is easier than most people think, and can actually be quite fun. Kath decided to go mainstream with KERF on September 1st, 2007. Since then she has gained 7,000 readers, and about 13,000-14,000 visits on her page per day.  Her source of inspiration to start a blog, which she updates three times daily in a diary-like style documenting her meals and snacks, stemmed from the blog “Eat Like Me” from Self Magazine. Her 30 lb weight loss also fueled her interest in blogging because she wanted to share her experience and answer all the questions people would routinely ask her about her weight loss journey.
  For Kath, blogging is like a 24/7 job that she describes as both wonderful and sometimes draining. She compared blogging to being like a student; you always have assignments, and constantly could be working on something. Still, she wouldn’t trade what she does for a 9-5 job any day. Other things she loves about blogging are the exciting comments she receives daily and the supportive blog community who she can relate to on all levels. “I love when I got together with other bloggers, we all wanted to go to bed early to wake up and exercise--we’re very like-minded.”
  Of course, not everything runs smooth in the blog world. She has had her share of negative comments, but since she started moderating them a year ago, most have dissipated.
  To say Kath has taken blogging to a new level would be an understatement. Through blogging, many doors have opened to opportunities she never imagined; traveling to Africa this past summer for a Lipton Tea tour, the Quaker Healthy Heart Start weekend in Chicago, numerous BlogHer conferences, heading the first Healthy Blogger Summit in Boston, publishing in Breathe Magazine, and recipe development opportunities. However, the benefits don’t end there--she also receives free food products to her door from companies and the chance to do various media partnerships.
  She can’t imagine what life would be like if she never started blogging. “I would probably be sitting unhappy in a cubicle.” Instead, she takes the free time she does have and is furthering her education with RD credentials. Kath hopes her online nutritional counseling will eventually grow into her own business.
  For bloggers just starting out, she says learning how to use your camera is necessary, and posting regularly is important. When picking a topic Kath suggests picking something that is already in your daily life, like food and eating is for her.   
  When asked what she hopes readers get from her blog, her response was, “That you can eat real food, and navigating all the products in stores doesn’t have to be challenging.” Kath plans to keep on blogging in the future and hopes that her blog can change lives for the good in both big and small ways.

Thanks again Kath—your a inspiration to all bloggers!

If you could interview any blogger, who would you pick?


Lexi said...

Great interview! I love KERF!

Erica said...

Great job! Kath rocks! Shes just as sweet in person too :) Hope you're having a good weekend chica

Shannon, The Healthy Beach Bum said...

Amazing! Great interview. You and Kath are both so amazing <3

Maddy said...

So cool that you were able to interview Kath! Hope everythings is going fab =)

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Great interview I enjoyed reading.


Jenny said...

Awesome interview girlie, KERF is an all star in blogworld of course so I really enjoyed reading this :)

Emily said...

Thanks for posting this!! Kath has always been my number 1 favorite blogger! :)